Creative Red

This is from Om’s book “Aura Colour Therapy”

Creative Red is a rich, luscious pink-tinged red, full of vibrancy and sparkle. It has a sweet, slightly tart taste, kind of like the feeling of something delicious melting and exploding in your mouth all at once. Red raspberries with icecream is my latest favourite taste-based version of this colour!

This is always an exciting colour to see in the aura, because it represents dynamic change, with a resurgence in energy levels and renewed passion for life. Positive changes that we hoped for or would welcome, are occurring or about to occur.

Putting the spring back in our step, the magic back in our touch and the sparkle back in our eyes, Creative Red makes us feel so wonderfully alive! With the magical power of our creative energy rising up from within us to flow out through our hands, voice and actions, we bounce out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and we sleep deeply each night, contentedly exhausted from a delightfully satisfying day of work and play.

The resilience and bounce in this colour helps us take difficulties in our stride, switching gears smoothly without missing a beat. By enhancing our creative problem-solving skills, Creative Red empowers us. No longer content to hang back tentatively or give up and play the victim, we grapple playfully with life’s challenges, feeling liberated and free because we know we have choices and the creative power to shape our own experience of reality.

This colour is a godsend for anyone suffering from creative block or burnout. Often appearing in the aura after resolving a stuck, exhausted or burned-out state featuring depression and a loss of motivation or direction, Creative Red heralds a reawakening of one’s inner fire after it has been dead or smouldering for a while. A sure sign of recovery from grey colours such as Depression Grey, Creative Red often follows on from Courage Orange, with little orange sparks amongst grey ashes suddenly burning red and flaming upwards to invigorate the aura.

In order to re-ignite the fire hidden under the ashes, we need rest, recovery, recuperation and recreation. If we do not rest, we burn out. If we burn out, we can no longer produce with the same enthusiasm, quality and authenticity; nor with the same joy. Taking a rest from activities that have drained us is imperative if we are to refill the empty creative well within. By stopping regularly to recharge our batteries, we provide ourselves with nourishing input so we can sustain dynamic output.

Regular holidays, changes of scene and time out are essential to ensure this colour does not get bored and begin to wane. Think of this colour as being like a fire that needs oxygen to survive and thrive. Spend some time considering what your personal oxygen might be. What do you need in order to feel stimulated, inspired, ignited and delighted by life? What helps you to feel full? Be careful not to over stimulate yourself, especially with artificial substances such as caffeine and other drugs, as this can simply cause further burnout.

Some jobs and people can rob you of this essential energy. These energy drainers need to be minimised or avoided where possible. Be assertive and say no to energy thieves, your inner critic and your inner people-pleaser. Encourage and make time for your own creative endeavours without feeling guilty and remember to honour the natural cycles of life. Sometimes your fire will bank down because it needs to rest. Even grey moments have their blessings and we most certainly would not appreciate the beauty of Creative Red moments if there were nothing grey with which to compare them.

To facilitate positive dynamic change, combine Creative Red with any of the following colours: White, Silver, Courage Orange, Healing Green, Vision Yellow. To enhance your ‘reality creating’ skills, meditate on Creative Red and Manifestation Orange.

Creative Red is highly therapeutic for anyone struggling with Depression Grey. If your inner fire has gone out, leaving only the grey ashes of a dead fire, visualise bringing it back to life. Imagine refuelling the fire while you focus on breathing Creative Red into your body with every inhalation, and release Depression Grey out of your body with every exhalation.   Now stir the ashes in search of hidden Courage Orange sparks and imagine blowing on these sparks until the fire re-ignites.