Redecorating and Rebirth

IMG_4004My students and clients are always exclaiming in surprise, from one visit to the next, because my space never stays the same for very long. For me, moving furniture and changing the way my space is set up is akin to meditation. I need my space to be a changing expression of who I am; a reflection of who I am becoming and what is unfolding within me from one moment to the next.

There is something incredibly soothing and meditative about this kind of ‘pottering’. I find it clears my mind, releases me from the past and invites in a breath of fresh air! My birth name does mean ‘wanderer’ after all, and change is as good as a holiday! 

After bursting a disc in my spine in March, my clinic space went into mini-retirement for a few months. I loved reclaiming this professional space as my own, for myself and my family, and this really changed the way I saw it, opening up new possibilities in terms of its use, that I hadn’t previously considered.IMG_4007

I moved the massage table into the main area, which also doubles as the dispensary. The old healing room became the talking room, filled with snuggly couches, soft cushions and plush carpet. For a while we had a bed in the second office,  because I was spending so much time in a horizontal position, and I had vague notions about this becoming a guest space.

But then I started seeing clients again and some things just didn’t feel right. It’s been lovely to simply stand in these spaces and gaze and feel, running through possibilities in my mind. My son gave me the best birthday present ever on my birthday by pulling the bed apart and moving it upstairs. Later that same day, my husband made me melt into even deeper bliss by buying me a couple of trestle tables and helping me set up a new clinic office.

IMG_4008The creative in me is in heaven because there are so many working surfaces! I have a gazillion projects running concurrently and they are all laid out in front of me so I can flow seamlessly from one to the next.

Over the past few days I have finally completed the transformation of the new healing room (pictured in this blog). For a while this room was feeling a bit confused: dispensary, office or healing room? Or some weird creature with identity issues?!

Finally it has all fallen into place. I moved the crystals out into this space, alongside the healing table. The zen of arranging them in rainbow sequence has been a delight, and then I realised I could stay with this theme by moving my gem, colour and flower elixirs onto the shelves above. This has liberated space on my dispensary shelves for the waves of new stock that are flowing in, due to my recently recovered passion for prescribing. IMG_4006

If you ever feel claustrophobic, jaded, overwhelmed, confused….

…try taking a break.

It really helped me when I decided to say no to naturopathic prescribing entirely for a while (at least a year?!). It was the perfect way to shed my old skin and all the baggage that came with it. Instead of struggling, I let myself rest and simply be. I stripped away everything that wasn’t me and discovered my core values hiding underneath. Now when I practise naturopathy and prescribing, I’m doing it in a way that rings with joy, ease and authenticity!

Can you hear that song “I did it my way” playing softly in the background! Haha! Corny, I know, but it sums it up nicely.