The “Blame” Dis-perception. 

(This is one of a series of posts about unhealthy thinking styles or ‘dis-perceptions’)

When we get into an automatically habit of assigning blame whenever things go wrong, we generate unhealthy biochemistry in our body, along with muscle tension and physiological stress. Blame is a form of anger that can trigger inflammation, raise our blood pressure and make our heart race.

Instead of assigning blame, we can accept the current circumstances and consider how we might move forwards form here, in a constructive, pragmatic manner.

If something has gone wrong, how can you take the ‘lemons’ you have been given and turn them into lemonade? How can you make the most of this situation, and make it work for you? Are there hidden benefits you aren’t seeing?
If you don’t want something like this to happen again, what you could you do differently, in a positive and healthy manner, to prevent a reoccurrence? Stay focused on what you can do, instead of getting angrily locked into victim mode.


Screenshot 2015-09-24 21.40.51The “Blame” Orange Aura Colour

If you have a deck of Aura Cards, this mind body state is represented by the “Blame” card, a hot orange frequency tinged with streaks or red and brown. Here are some quotes about the mind body state from my book :

In my book “Aura Colour Therapy” I describe blame as a habit of assigning responsibility for life’s problems to other people and situations, whether past or present:

“When something goes wrong, it’s tempting to make it someone else’s fault. It takes courage to acknowledge that our own happiness, or lack of it, is up to us. Blaming other people or past events for our current state of affairs means we don’t have to take personal responsibility for our own happiness, success and well being, or lack thereof.

While past events and other people can and do have a profound effect upon us, it is ultimately up to us how we respond. We can choose to play the victim, give our power away and deny that we have any capacity to rise above these difficulties. Or we can choose to take personal responsibility for our own happiness and take positive steps towards moving forwards.

People wearing Blame Orange (as a colour frequency in their aura*) may try to puns others by staying stuck. In effect, they are saying “See what you have done to me? This is all your fault!”. Some people are consciously or subconsciously angry at God or Life for their perceived misfortune, so they protest and sulk by going on strike and refusing to really live. When we are so angry that we refuse to let someone ‘off the hook’ by forgiving them, we ourselves become hooked up and trapped by that anger. Forgiveness actually liberates us and sets us free,”

Two therapeutic colours I use for this state are Playful Orange and Harmony Purple. Playful Orange helps us lighten up and see the funny side of life, and to not take ourselves so seriously. The Harmony colour helps us find acceptance, inner peace and forgiveness.


*You can think of the aura as an abstract colour-based metaphor for specific mind body states. You don’t have to think of it is being a literal thing!