Authenticity Green

The text is from my book, Aura Colour Therapy. The image is a picture of one of my Aura Cards. Both books and card deck are available for purchase

Screenshot 2015-10-02 16.08.29Authenticity Green is a slightly darker version of Healing Green. This is one of those rare colours that visually sings or ‘rings clear’ like a bell, almost to the point of being a colour I perceive as a sound, rather than an image or feeling. Think of clear tones with rounded fullness and absolute clarity and you will get a sense for the sound of this colour. On other levels, this colour makes me think of an oasis in the desert.

Being your natural self is what makes your inner beauty shine through. The very first time I ever encountered this colour was on an inner journey. I was watching an inner self riding a bike when she fell into a mud puddle. As I reached over to help her up, tangled with bike, covered with mud, she was laughing. It was such a lovely sound and I was quite taken with her natural beauty. It didn’t seem to matter that she was covered in mud. Her beauty shone through like a light and glowed from her, making the mud itself seem beautiful.

What made her beautiful was her complete lack of self-consciousness. She didn’t care about how she looked or who was watching her, she was just being natural. I have many clients who talk about striving for this quality. They often use the word ‘authenticity’ because they are working to move beyond the ego’s games of identity and performance, mixed agendas and inner conflicts, to become a person of genuine character with an authentic sense of self.

The most delightful quality of Authenticity Green is that it represents a true and deep healing of self-worth that dissolves all the ego’s hang-ups. It is highly liberating to touch base with this colour and very few people manage to maintain this state consistently without the odd hiccup here and there. We so often worry about what other people think, how they see us, and how they judge us. It can be challenging to move beyond these old wounds and just love ourselves for who we are, warts and all. Like the ugly duckling who was really a swan, we usually do look awkward when we try to be something we’re not. As my male spirit guide always says: Be beautiful: Be yourself.

People wearing this aura colour for the first time often begin to question their values as they ponder how much image and material possessions really matter. Many feel as though they are just going through the motions and their life has somehow been revealed to be a little plastic, empty or fake. ‘What is real?’ they ask themselves. Titles of status, rank, and worth based on money and image start to look flimsy and tired, and maybe even a little boring. This discontent can inspire serious soul searching about personal meaning in life and may even instigate unexpected adventures in the search for authenticity.

When we start asking ourselves hard questions about what genuinely nourishes our soul, the answers we come up with instigate changes for the better. We might change our environment, relationships, circumstances and lifestyle. Before Authenticity Green, we are like a tree not getting the right amount of sunlight, room to grow, or adequate nourishment from the soil. Our environment is not nourishing us. At worst, it may even be toxic for us. A tree under these circumstances would not thrive. When Authenticity Green graces our lives, we do ourselves the justice of moving into an environment better suited to us. In this environment we can blossom and bear fruit. We can live up to our potentials.

The initial stage of self-questioning we go through when this colour first appears in the aura can be uncomfortable and unsettling. We might judge ourselves, our lifestyle and sometimes even the world around us for being shallow. Some people get stuck in this phase and tip over into Zealous Blue extremism in their fight against materialism and image consciousness. Colours like Wholehearted Pink and Harmony Purple can be therapeutic for anyone struggling with Authenticity Green, because they help us accept and be at peace with the imperfections in ourselves, life and other people.

Some people struggle with this colour and slide into Depression Grey because they feel there is nothing they can do to change their situation. We might not be able to transform our lives from superficial to meaningful overnight with a click of the fingers, but this does not mean that we should give up and do nothing. We can take small steps towards becoming real and making life a truer, more genuine reflection of our deeper values. Eventually, these small steps lead us out of the desert into the beautiful, nourishing oasis of Authenticity Green.

Authenticity Green is therapeutic for people wearing Insecurity Yellow, Past Green, Shame Green, Ambition Orange, Blame Orange, Depression Grey, Defensive Purple, Burdened Purple, Hardship Grey, Conservative Brown, and excessive Happiness Yellow, Gold or Performance Green. People who are struggling with the challenges wrought by this colour can use Playful Orange, Surrender Pink, Sanctuary Green, Purpose Purple, Synchronicity Pink and Harmony Purple, to help themselves adjust.