The Resourceful Aura

Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.39.54Resourceful is an aura frequency that appears in a range of shades that could be described as golden-yellow, ochre-yellow, golden-brown, yellow-brown. Everyone ‘wears’ this aura colour frequency a little differently. For example, in very grounded people it will seem more brown, in thinkers it will seem more yellow, and with those who are very heart-based, it takes on a warm glow.

If you have been noticing this colour around you lately, or you feel very drawn to it, it might be reflecting a colour frequency in your aura. Some colours are temporary: they reflect current experiences, feelings and thoughts. Others colours are more permanent: they reflect deeper personality traits, habitual emotions, core values and/or ingrained attitudes/beliefs.


If this colour is a temporary colour passing through your aura, you are, you will be, or you need to be:

*Focussing on money, finances, paperwork, and/or legal matters. If you aren’t doing it already, you might need to get on with your taxes, sort through paperwork, address a legal issues or get a bit more serious about creating and adhering to a budget.

*Thinking about your resources i.e. what they are and whether they are being well utilised. This is a bit like doing a stocktake!


If you have cultivated this colour in your aura:

*You have an excellent head on your shoulders when it comes to numbers and finances. You have financial intelligence and may be skilled with budgeting, investment and saving. You manage your time and money efficiently.

*You are quite a balanced person, balancing warmth of character with rational objectivity. You are fair, logical and able to weight up many different perspectives before coming to a level-headed conclusion that takes all the variables into account.

*In highly-charged emotional situations where everybody else is panicking or not coping, you are able to calmly size up the situation and see what needs to be done. You are gentle but firm and have a soothing ability to take charge when others are incapable of doing so.

*You would make an excellent accountant, lawyer, secretary or emergency worker.


To cultivate more of a Resourceful personality, colour-breathe this colour into your aura and:

*Do what you can to improve your financial intelligence (e.g. attending courses, reading financial magazines/books, budgeting etc)

*Put yourself in emergency type situations that improve your ability to respond calmly under stress. For example, you might study first aid, or volunteer to answer phones for an organisation who provides a free helpline. (They provide training)

*Research ways to balance and integrate your left and right brain functions. Art classes, for example, can help with this. At the very least, meditate. And when you find yourself telling stories about things that have happened, debating with others or reflecting over past events, find a balance between focusing on facts and feelings, rather than emphasising one at the expense of the other.

*Cultivate efficiency, especially with time management, and balance this with warmth and kindness towards others.


This colour can reflect:

*Magic creatures and animal spirit guides in your aura (look to surrounding colours for hints)

*A gift for time-travel e.g. communicating with past and future selves, condensing and/or expanding time.

*The presence of indigenous spirit guides and/or past lives.

This is a colour from Om’s Aura Colour Card Deck.