Shaman Blue in the aura

Screenshot 2015-10-05 15.05.04This is the equivalent to the High Priestess card in the tarot. This colour shows up when:

*You are behaving like a shaman or a person of power. Rather than behaving like a victim (of chance or persecution).

*You are being invited to act like a person of power, instead of playing the victim role.

While there is no doubt that bad things can and do happen to us (even when we are good people, I might add, for the sake of anyone’s romantic inner child who might be listening), we still have choices. Choice is power and even when external choices are taken away from us, how we choose to see things is up to us.

Shamans are people who have survived challenges that have forced them to step into power in order to survive and thrive. They never waste experiences. Rather than bemoaning their lot in life, they see the rich fabric of their life’s experiences as the source of their growth and wisdom, even when, at first glance those experiences look more like bloodied wounds and dirty smudges.

A shamanic moment is seeing the beauty in ugliness, finding light in the darkness, discovering empowerment within disempowerment and turning lemons into lemonade. In every experience, there are opportunities for growth, power and wisdom to be gained, even if this is as simple as coming face to face with your own determination to live, or finding surprising wells of strength inside your heart.

During the good times, Shaman Blue gives our experiences more depth and colour. It makes every moment seem powerful and alive, because we are bringing so much of our awareness and attention to it.
When I listen to Shaman Blue inside me it says:

“I am polishing the treasure hidden in caverns within your soul. If you have the courage, come and find me. You may face demons and temptations to distract you along the way, but that just makes the journey more meaningful, because everyone you meet along the way is you.”


To learn more about this colour, you might enjoy the complete excerpt from my book ‘Aura Colour Therapy’.