Aesthetic Green

Screenshot 2015-10-06 15.12.14This cool and refreshing pale mint-green can vary in shade, sometimes being a true-green, other times taking on more of a blue-green aqua or turquoise tint. Generally a fairly composed colour, Aesthetic Green often forms part of the auric boundary, functioning as a shield that can expand or thicken outward. It can also ‘lock in’ and become rigid when unhealthy.

Aesthetic Green helps the wearer assume a cool, reserved demeanour, thereby enabling psychological and emotional privacy. On the other hand, Aesthetic Green facilitates honesty and the clear psychic broadcast of personal boundaries so that other people are under no illusion as to where they stand when they come into contact with you. Some people wearing this colour are learning how to emanate or radiate specific attitudes or moods from their aura in order to influence others.

Aesthetic Green is worn by people who have a clearly defined sense of identity, much like Strength Red. But where Strength Red strives, competes and pushes forward to explore and conquer new challenges and territory, Aesthetic Green people are private and cautious. They prefer to establish a healthy sense of control by instilling order and beauty into the immediate space around them.

While essentially a clairaudient colour, Aesthetic Green people are often adapted empaths. Like all empaths, their aura expands outwards and the immediate environment almost becomes an extension of them. Unlike unbalanced empaths who tend to over-empathise with others at the expense of their own individualised sense of self, adapted empaths manage their sensitivity by keeping their personal space and boundaries clear.

The primary method Aesthetic Green people use to avoid over empathising with others is to ground or anchor into the physical environment around them. They then work to keep this space tidy and harmonious in order to reduce stress, because in some ways, the space around them is them. Having command over their environment helps them set clear boundaries for others. By maintaining harmony around themselves, they maintain harmony within themselves. Heaven for the Aesthetic Green personality type is defined as harmony, beauty, peace, orderly structure and set routines.

Naturally gifted when it comes to designing and managing environments, Aesthetic Green types have an eye for beauty, a flair for aesthetics and a love for streamlined efficient systems and clear surfaces. They dislike clutter and chaos. Unfortunately, an excess of Aesthetic Green can reflect pedantic over-control that in severe situations spills over into obsessive-compulsive disorder. Over-controlling behaviour can be an attempt to reduce anxiety by making life seem more ordered and predictable and therefore safer.

For people who are not natural Aesthetic Green types, this colour will appear in the energy field when they are making an attempt to be more orderly and organised in their behaviour. This is a classic ‘new year’s resolution’ colour, reflecting any recent attempt to change behaviours for the better and develop a greater sense of personal discipline and order in one’s life.

It can also be found when a person is improving their environment in some manner, especially if they are reducing clutter and making that environment more efficient and beautiful. Anyone focused on interior design, renovation or landscaping, for example, is likely to be wearing this colour in their aura.

This is a wonderful colour for natural empaths to embrace, such as those who wear Sensitivity Blue or Compassion Orange, because it helps them maintain better boundaries. For enhanced personal boundaries, this colour can be combined with Strength Red and Boundaries Blue. When making positive lifestyle changes and giving up old habits and addictions, try combining this colour with Rebellion Brown and Clarity Yellow. To compose yourself during difficult challenges such as court cases, combine Aesthetic Green with Seasoned Red and Watchful Blue.

An excess of Aesthetic Green is more likely when this colour is combined with Clarity Yellow, Conservative Brown, Defensive Purple and Detachment Blue. Therapeutic colours include Playful Orange and Surrender Purple/Pink.