Happiness Yellow

Screenshot 2015-10-07 10.27.13On a feeling level, Happiness Yellow feels very similar to Warmth Yellow. Visually, Happiness Yellow is a primary yellow, without any orange added. Energetically, it could be considered the basic healthy state for the mental aura. Authentic Happiness Yellow sits in the core of our being with a very stable, solid sureness. When this colour is being used as a front, it sits in the outer aura and can seem too bright and shiny, almost as though over-compensating.

Happiness Yellow reflects our happy moments in life. Everything is shining brightly and flowing along smoothly. We feel good about ourselves and the situation we are in. This happy state is usually temporary and can easily be destabilised by changes in our external circumstances, unless we have learned to cultivate Happiness Yellow as a personality trait. With practice, Happiness Yellow can become a fairly permanent mind-body state that can weather the storms of change and hardship that are a natural and inevitable part of life.

People who wear this aura colour as a personal strength understand that happiness does not need to be dependent on external circumstances. They know they are ultimately responsible for their own happiness, so they work on building an internal foundation of happiness, an attitude of happiness. They still feel unpleasant emotions such as anger, fear, and grief, but they never lose touch with the underlying joy. This provides emotional stability in the face of great challenges.

Happiness Yellow is a happy confidence, a positive mental attitude with constructive thinking patterns and an optimistic approach to life based on good psychological health. Our experience of happiness is dependent on the perceptual choices we make in every moment. Happiness Yellow helps us choose beliefs, perspectives and attitudes that result in deep contentment, peace and joy. With the guidance of this aura colour, we can break our addiction to destructive emotional states and learn to cultivate positive emotion.

When we stop worrying about how things should look and start appreciating who we are and what we already have, we liberate an enormous quantity of energy previously spent on unnecessary stress and angst. This energy then becomes available for engaging with the essence of the moment. Happiness Yellow people have the capacity to be completely present and in tune with their surroundings, like a surfer riding the perfect wave.

Happiness Yellow is healthy in large doses for most people but on the odd occasion, an excess can present challenges. If you are excessively bright and bubbly all the time, some people will react badly to you. They might find you tiring because they want silence, peace and privacy. Or they may be suspicious about how genuine your sunshiny nature really is. You may need to tone it down around some people and be a little quieter, for the sake of mutual comfort. Learn to really listen and be comfortable with silences. Other people will open up to you more if you allow them space to express.

If you habitually project a sunny, upbeat and positive personality when you do not really feel that way inside, you may inadvertently cut yourself off from the support and friendship that others could offer if they really knew you. If you cannot share your ‘not so sunny side’ with others, how will they ever really get to know you? Hiding your shadows behind a wall of light can make you lonely. We all have shadows and sometimes we need to be honest about their presence and be real with each other.

To invite this colour into your life, spend time with truly happy people. Genuinely happy people are contented, relaxed, confident, positive and supportive of others. To balance excessive Happiness Yellow, learn how to be at ease with and accept your more uncomfortable emotions. Blend positivity with calmness and peace. Other colours which can enhance this colour include Warmth Yellow, Vision Yellow, Nature Spirit Green, Playful Orange, Harmony Purple, Surrender Pink, Freedom Blue, Home Brown, Creative Red, Authenticity Green and Healing Green.