Patience Green

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Colour: Teal green
Image: A wise woman herbalist

Patient. Wise. Observant. Grandmother.
Mature. Composed. Pragmatic. Good judge of character. Midwife. Herbalist. Gardener. Human resource manager.


I’m going to let you work it out for yourself.

People learn more from life direct experience than they do from from unsolicited advice.


Gaining wisdom from observing people and their relationships/experiences. Helping others help themselves. Becoming more patient. Learning not to get caught up in other people dramas or to rescue people from the consequences of their own actions. Pacing yourself.

This is a grey blue-tinged green, containing elements of Sanctuary Green blended with Generosity Green and Watchful Blue. Patience Green is one of the wise grandmother colours, along with Honour Blue, representing older women blessed with the maturity and composure of ripened age. It will often be found in the aura when deceased female loved ones, especially grandmothers, are watching over us.

Patience Green helps us accept whatever life deals us with a philosophical shrug of the shoulders. Rather than scowl, sulk or feel sorry for ourselves, we just smile and get on with it. We learn how to find pleasure in the little things in life. No matter what difficulties we are facing, there is always something beautiful and profound to be enjoyed in the simplest moments; little pleasures shared between loved ones, a smile here, a bird’s song there.

This colour teaches us how to find comfort and ease in hard work by settling into a natural rhythm and finding pleasure in the way each day unfolds. Taking our time we do not rush; patience lends us the ability to pace themselves through tasks, getting everything done and still having time for unexpected interruptions. This colour helps us to be so calm and decisive during emergencies that other people look to us for guidance and leadership.

Patience Green is maturation of the Mother Blue personality. The Mother Blue personality tends to rescue, save and protect other people from the consequences of their own actions. As we get older, we learn to let other people grow from their own mistakes without interfering in the process. The development of this wisdom is reflected by Patience Green. These people are often the invisible rock in the centre of a large family or community; the wise elder who sits quietly in the background, watching the world’s dramas unfold around them.