Soul Loss, Retrieval, Soul Return : Aura Card Demo

“Soul Retrieval” is the reclaiming of stolen/forgotten/repressed energies or parts of ourselves that were lost during, or as a result of, past trauma (Soul Loss). Soul Retrieval is like marching into your past, standing up to your demons and saying “I’ll have that part of myself back, thank you very much!”

“Soul Return” is the process of giving back crappy stuff that has been projected onto you, or that you have taken onto yourself, during past trauma. In other words, it’s about giving back stuff that isn’t yours, and never was. There is absolutely no point carrying and attempting to own or process ‘stuff’ that isn’t yours; it’s always best to give it back and let the original owner take care of it.

 Aura Colours, Aura Cards

When I’m healing and reading the aura, there is a colour I see whenever Soul Retrieval/Return is occurring. I call this colour Soul Retrieval Blue; it’s a pale, chalky blue colour, like a cloud-wisped sky. The colours attached to Soul-Retrieval blue can tell me what is being retrieved and/or returned, almost as though the colour itself is a train that delivers and clears frequencies, returning them to their original and rightful owners. This is a colour that puts things back where they belong, helping people be whole. It’s a personal empowerment colour.

Demonstration, using the Aura Cards

Here is a spread below, and I’ll demonstrate how Soul Retrieval/Return might be operating:



Soul Retrieval/Return of Family Blue

Soul Retrieval of Family Blue can be about reclaiming beautiful strengths, qualities and gifts that are your birthright, because they belong to your ancestral line. (If you are adopted and you don’t know your birth-family, the family line of those who raised you is still yours.) If you look at your family, what are the beautiful, admirable qualities and strengths you can claim as your birthright?

With Soul Return of Family Blue, we are tracing our wounds back through the generations, back along our ancestral line. When a parent doesn’t own/address a wound, they project it onto their child. Your mother’s ‘stuff’ is not yours and it might not even be hers. You can make a choice to not own it by projecting it onto someone else (like one of your children), or you can break the pattern once and for all by recognising that it not only isn’t your ‘stuff’, most of us are victims of victims. Can you see a negative pattern in your family line that is affecting you? Instead of getting stuck in blame/victim mode, imagine handing this wound over to Heaven on behalf of your entire family line.

Soul Retrieval/Return of Caregiver 

With Caregiver, Soul Retrieval is the reclamation and recognition of your identity as a very strong person who comes from the heart, by expressing care with service and practical action. If your caregiver energies were lost as some stage, you may have had trouble believing that you have the strength to look after yourself and others. Have people in your past made you dependent on them? Alternatively, you may be learning how to put your hero/helper/healer energies into action in very real ways in your own life and the lives of others.

When we have too much Caregiver Green in the aura because we’re taking too much responsibility for others, Soul Return helps us let go and let other people look after themselves. A trauma can create a Caregiver Green pattern; so can family conditioning:

*Trauma e.g. feeling as though you could have done something to prevent the death of a loved one, is an example of trauma that can turn you into a hero/helper/healer for others…. As though trying to redeem yourself from some event where you didn’t give or help enough. Self-forgiveness is the answer: ie let yourself off the hook, let go of the guilt, and stop playing God; you are not responsible for everything, it isn’t all up to you.

*Conditioning e.g. being the oldest of younger children and being made to be too responsible for them, or the child of a parent who needed you to parent them, perhaps because they had a disability, a mental illness or emotional wounds. Enmeshment i.e. co-dependency-type patterns need to be addressed with tie-cutting and boundaries work, in order to completely resolve this pattern.

Soul Return of Repression Red

I’m going to use card this as an opportunity to demonstrate cross-referencing colour with position, seeing as this card is sitting in the throat chakra. This layout we are using is the seven-card chakra layout and the top right corner is the throat chakra position which governs self-expression and communication.

If you are returning Repression energy, you are giving yourself permission to feel, own and (specific to the throat chakra EXPRESS your feelings, even if they aren’t pretty, perfect or acceptable to other people. Often, we begin to repress or censor ourselves because we think other people won’t like us if we don’t… or someone in our past said that some part of us was bad. Or perhaps a parent has role-modeled self-repression and you’ve grown up thinking it’s normal to deny your feelings, or that feelings are bad and not to be trusted.

Returning the repression pattern (or saying no to the ‘repress yourself’ message) helps you reclaim the power of red energies flowing smoothly throughout your aura. Shrugging off self-repression can put you back in touch with your inner fire, the source of your passion, power and sexual energies. This makes us feel so much more alive! The trick is learning how to channel your fire in healthy ways that are in alignment with your deeper values. To sum up: walk back into your past and tell anyone who told you it wasn’t okay to feel your feelings, be angry, sexual or powerful, to go jump!

Soul Retrieval of Clarity Yellow

Take back your mental clarity and your faith in your ability to see things clearly and you will make great choices as a result. Never be afraid to be honest with yourself, and NEVER lie to yourself by telling yourself what you want to believe… or by believing lies told to you by others, just because it’s more convenient and the truth is painful or scary. Honesty is a form of power…. It helps us navigate through life in ways that are authentic and real. Did someone tell you that you were dumb, or that you couldn’t trust yourself and your own perception or insights? Go back and tell them that your eyes are wide open now. You are like a torch of golden light and clarity cutting through the crap, saying and seeing it how it is. Trust and believe in yourself.

Animal Spirit Soul Retrieval

This is the recovery of your power animal. Your power animal helps you to tap into your personal power, rather than shutting it down because you are afraid of it. Quite often, we shut our power down due to real or perceived abuses of power in the past, either our own or others. In the first instance, we may have betrayed ourselves, doing something we would consider an abuse of power and the conclusion we come to is “I can’t trust myself with power, so I’ll push it away.” In the second instance, we see a person or people abuse power and we are afraid we will do the same, so we push it away or shove id down deeper inside it where we can’t reach it. Self-forgiveness is the key, along with learning how to trust yourself. Another pattern here is not having faith in yourself; not seeing your and owning your inner gifts and strengths: you power animals will reflect these back to you so you can see them clearly.

You can meet your power animal during this guided meditation, or book in with me to help you connect with your power animal.

 Soul Retrieval of Mastery Blue

This can be about learning how to feel safe and comfortable just being present in the moment (which is tricky if you have experienced past trauma!). Good techniques are a ‘bottom up’ approach to re-connecting your mind and body together ie restoring mindful self-awareness, via dance, movement therapies, tai chi, chi gung or yoga. Use your physical senses to bring you back to the moment whenever you notice yourself wandering off in your mind.

But reclaiming this colour can also help restore our sense of self on a career or study level. This is the professional development colour, after all! When we take it back we are standing up to past people have events that might have robbed a career or study interest from us… like the nurse bullies who stop a talented midwife from graduating and following her dreams, or the teacher in primary school who tells you to keep your day job, or burnout that made us walk away from what we loved.

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