The aura – a inner light shining through or a cloak of colours?

Is your aura made from the light that shines out from within you, or is it more like a cloak of many colours? The answer is: both! The aura is made up of many colours and layers of colours from different parts of who you are, the experiences you are having, and the energies you are interacting with.


Every Aura is Different


Aura colours, like people, come in many shapes and sizes.


Your aura is never just one colour: you are far more complex and multi-faceted than that. Nor is your aura static, like a still photograph of a single moment in time, because you are always changing and growing, always affecting and being affected by, the world around you.


There are as many different kinds of auras as there are people, and no two auras are exactly the same.

An aura colour can be…


A light that shines from within you, that carries the essence of who you are, out into the world. This helps people to know you. It helps you become a part of the fabric of life around you, bonding, dancing, embracing, belonging, loving and being with.


Sending your light out into the world… allowing your inner self to radiate outwards… helps you know yourself. Our light illuminates mirrors in the world around us, that reflect us back to ourselves. Our light bounces off other people in ways that helps us see ourselves more clearly.


When an aura-reader reads your inner light, they are seeing, feeling, knowing and/or hearing information about the core essence of who you are. You could think of this as your true self, your higher self, or your higher potentials.


Many people are worried when they book in for an aura reading, because they are worried their true inner self is dark, ugly or flawed. It never is. You inner self is like a diamond that can never be damaged, even if it is covered in the mud of messy life experiences, or shrouded by assumed identities that obscure rather than enhance the essence of who you are. Never mistake your outer wrapping for your inner self.


An aura colour can be…


An outer wrapping, or a cloak of colours you are wearing. Like a glove or hat you can put on and take off, some of the colours in this layer of your aura reflect the choices you make about who you want to be at any given moment, and what you accept and reject from the worlds within and around you. The decisions you make lead to actions which define your values, hinting at both your history and your potentials.


Like a beautiful dress or a fine suit, some of the aura colours we don enhance the core essence of who we are. These colours help our inner-self shine through. They align so perfectly with our true self, they are like windows into our soul, helping our inner light be seen by others.


Other aura colours are more like rips or stains in the fabric of what could have been, or once was, that fine beautiful dress or a fine suit. This can be caused by our own actions, or by what happens to us, or even a mixture of both. These sorts of colours might be caused by a lack of self-care, by misfortune and trauma, by simple disappointments and frustrations, or even over-use of an aura colour (or identity). Wear a favourite set of jeans for too long, and they will start to fall apart. “Wear and tear” aura colours are colours that been worn out, and need to be shed, so that a new part of yourself can shine through.


Other colours just don’t suit us well in the first place. Like an ill-fitting glove, they detract from the essence of who we are. But in the process of discovering who we are, it can help to experiment, to play dress-ups, to try something on for size… and thus find out who we are not.


When I ‘see’ an ill-fitting “dress-up” colour in a person’s aura, I might ‘know’ it isn’t a ‘true’ aura colour, but I also know it’s a natural and inevitable part of this person’s journey. Just as a child must learn to crawl before they can walk, the valley might not be your final destination, but going through the valley might be the only way to get to your final destination. While some aura colours (experiences, choices, identities) don’t reflect your inner self or your higher potentials, you might have trouble finding these beautiful parts of yourself without their help.


Love and Blessings!