The Chakra Kits

I have a range of 20 Herbal Chakra Tonics that integrate with the Aura Sprays, and are complimented by guided meditations and mindfulness meditations. These kits amalgamate my experience as an Aura Therapist with over 20 years experience in the trade, with my expertise as a Naturopath. By the time I graduated as a Naturopath in 2003, I had already clocked up hundreds or aura healings, readings and sketches since I began doing this work in 1996.


Seen with psychic vision, the aura is a cloud of rainbow-coloured light that surrounds you. You could think of the aura as being your spirit-self or your energy-body. Aura colours can be ‘read’ by a practitioner such as myself. Each colour tells me something about a clients personality, feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, experiences and interactions with others. The colours themselves come from energy structures in the aura called chakras. I ‘see’ around 100 different aura colours, all of which have multiple different possible meanings depending on the exact shade, where in the aura they are found, and the other colours they are found with.


I have 9 different remedies in my Aura Spray range and each one contains aura-medicine made from gems, native flowers and aura colours. Every remedy comes from my own collection, which I hand-made myself. Many of the flower essences I use aren’t available via any other commercial outlet and my range of colour remedies is completely unique to me, having been created using sunlight, water and my original deck of hand-made Aura Cards. The Aura Sprays are designed to tone, balance and nourish specific chakras. The Brown Spray Bottle, for example, nourishes the Earth Chakra beneath our feet, helping to improve our grounding (being present in the moment, focused, practical etc). This adds more Brown Frequencies of light to the aura. Clients can spray the Aura Spray throughout their aura (eg around their head and body), directly onto the part of the body associated with that chakra (eg the feet) and/or under the tongue.


As a naturopath trained in herbal medicine, I have spent many years observing how specific herbs affect the aura and chakras. Over time, I developed my own personal system for using herbal medicine to improve chakra and aura health. This has culminated in my range of Herbal Chakra Tonics. Each tonic contains four or more herbs at a low dose, chosen for their beneficial ‘plant-spirit medicine’. There are two bottles for each of the ten basic colours I use in the Chakra Kit system. In the Brown chakra bottle range, for example, I have “Ground Yourself”, and a second, slightly stronger blend called “Stand Your Ground.”

Clients add a dropperful of Chakra Tonic to a small glass of water once or twice a day and sip. Healers like myself can apply the tonic throughout a client’s aura by rubbing it onto our hands and running our hands through the aura, or by taking a dropperful under the tongue and blowing our herb-infused breath throughout the aura.


Each Herbal Chakra Tonic has two meditations that have been designed for use along with the tonic. Best results come from combining all three elements of the Kit together: Aura Spray, Herbal Tonic and Meditation.

Guided Imagery

One of the meditations is a guided imagery meditation. This is like listening to a spoken-book story that asks you to use your imagination. The meditations are full of sensory richness. Some focus directly on the chakras, others teach breathing techniques, and some take you on adventurous journeys through nature or to meet inner selves.

Mindfulness Meditation

The mindfulness meditations focus more on contemplation and self-awareness. They ask you to ponder questions, suggest the use of mantras, and help you develop a more mindful, body-based self-awareness. They also contain some chakra-based wisdom and insights.


The full kit contains an Aura Spray with both of the Chakra Tonics that match with that colour. In the BROWN KIT, for example, the Brown Aura Spray is combined with the “Ground Yourself” Herbal Chakra Tonic and the “Stand Your Ground” Herbal Chakra Tonic. It also comes with four meditations (ie a guided meditation and a mindfulness meditation) for both Chakra Tonics. I recommend using your Aura Spray day and night. Use “Stand Your Ground” in the morning to help improve your personal boundaries throughout the day, and “Ground Yourself” at night to relax. The meditations can be done as needed. I recommend doing one daily, remembering that you have four to choose from.


In the single tonic kit, you get one Aura Spray and only one of the two Herbal Chakra Tonics, but the size is larger ie 50ml rather than 25ml. This kit comes with two meditations.


The individual item costs for the Kit ingredients are as follows:

50ml Aura Spray : $20

50ml Chakra Tonic : $20

25ml Chakra Tonic : $15

Meditations : $5


This is just an initial Blog to introduce the Kits, but at some stage I’ll create a proper page on the site so you can see the full range. Here’s a sneak peek at the names of the Chakra Tonics. The names give you insight into what they are used for:

BASE CHAKRA – BROWN (also tied in with the Earth Chakra)

Ground Yourself

Stand Your Ground


Awaken your Fire

Focus on direction


Enjoy Life

Free Yourself


Clear Your Mind

Shine Your Light


Embrace Others

Radiate Love


Heal Yourself

Rest in Nature


Cleanse Yourself

Express Yourself


Expand your Mind

Awaken Your Vision


Connect with Spirit

Trust Yourself


Balance Yourself

Protect Yourself




Author: Omanisa

Omanisa is a naturopath, counsellor, health coach, author, artist, and publisher.

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