Just be who you are

I’m enjoying an old spirit-diary from 19 years ago. So beautiful, the friendships with Spirit, and there are sections that are strangely resonant now, as though the were written with my future self in mind.

This is me, talking with my guide Tomas:



“Do you have any advice for me?”

See that light dancing over yonder? And the trail of light leading up to it?


That is your destination. Just keep going that way. We are with you eery step of the way.

“But the paths keep shifting…”

It is an illusion. Just keep going. All will come to be as it is meant. Hold on to your faith.

“Tomas. I am afraid”

Oh what, dear one?

“I don’t know. Failing. Being fake.”

*laughter” We are all afraid of such things.

“We are?”

Yes. In our different ways. You will be fine. We believe in you.

“I don’t know what to do.”

Do nothing. Just be who you are.