Aura Card Reading : Online Course


Australian psychic artist, healer and counsellor




4-Week Online Course

June 5th to 26th (2019)

8pm- 9pm ACST

$150.00 AU

Do you have a deck of Om’s Aura Cards? Would you love to learn how to read the Aura Cards (or ANY tarot/oracle card) using your intuition, your psychic ability, rather than needing to refer to the book that comes with the cards?


WEEK 1 : Tapping into your clairvoyant, visionary ability

Learn how to…

Have a “psychic vision” while reading the Aura Cards

Use the colours to identify places, settings, scenes, seasons, times of day etc

WEEK 2 : The art of channelling or crafting a message

Learn how to…

Use the word on the card to access more information about the card, without needing to refer to the book

Turn a card (or a combination of cards) into an inspiring, uplifting message of guidance, a mantra/affirmation/spell/statement of intent, or a prediction. 

WEEK 3: The art of therapetuic storytelling 

Learn how to…

Combine the skills from week 1 and week 2 together ie link clairvoyance (psychic seeing) with clairaudience (psychic hearing)

Use the cards to tell a cohesive, intuitive story with a setting, characters and a sequence of events that provide insight into your life and help you access your higher wisdom

WEEK 4 – How to use Card Spreads

Learn how to…

Do 2-card relationship spreads 

Do 3-card timeline spreads

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Omanisa has been sketching and reading the aura for over 20 years, and recognises over 100 different aura colour frequencies, and thousands or unique colour combination meanings. This hand-made deck of 88 Aura Cards is the same deck Omanisa uses in clinic with her clients. .

“Thank you so much Om for the years of spiritual guidance, insight and interpretation of some of my deepest thoughts. Your link with spirit and the divine has truly been a blessing in my life. It is always such an uplifting experience and I am so grateful for the positivity you bring to this world.”

Omanisa uses her Aura Cards as a spiritual counselling device to help clients understand themselves better and gain unique perspectives into life events and relationships. Om doesn’t provide mediumship or predictions on demand. Instead, she trusts her spirit guides to guide the sessions, with prediction and mediumship being occasional additions to the basic reading.

“Hi Omanisa
I really wanted to say thank you for the aura reading you delivered for me last week. I was truly so surprised about what it entailed because that’s absolutely how I’ve felt. Since it I feel lighter, better, and it feels like things are starting to fall into place for the better. So a really large thank you to you.”

Many people ask about Omanisa’s name. The name ‘Omanisa’ is an American Indian man’s name, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘soul drifter’. When Omanisa was born, it was the only name on the short-list of baby names that really suited her. Omanisa was born in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and aside from a few years spent living in a big tent in a rainforest in Tasmania as a toddler, she lived in Alice until the end of her teenage years. Om now lives in Darwin, Northern Australia, with her husband and two adult children. Om has been working as a healer since 1996, sketching and reading the aura since 1998, and working as a naturopath since 2003.

What are Aura Colours?

Your aura is you, in energy form; a field of interwoven frequencies of light. Like a dancing rainbow, aura colours shift and move with you and you change and grow, reflecting the interplay of your personal relationships, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical health. This dynamic also works in reverse: you can change yourself (and your life) by changing your aura colours. 

The aura can be thought of as a metaphor for the mind-body, with each colour representing a specific mind-body state. What mind-body state are you in right now? Are you in a Warmth Yellow state, a Detachment Blue state or a Firedancer Red state? Are you feeling warm and friendly, cold and distant or fiery and passionate? We need to embrace all the colours of the rainbow within us to be a whole being. With practise, the creative tools provided in Aura Colour Therapy will help you develop the self-awareness needed to keep your inner rainbow balanced.