Psychic Art Therapy

Before and After…
How I don’t want to feel and how I do want to feel…

How I don’t want to feel isn’t something I’m going to pretend isn’t there. I’m not interested in repressive coping, in pushing my emotions and feelings away, shoving them deep down inside me, rejecting them because I don’t like them. I refuse to abandon myself. I choose to be there for my inner pain, and hold space for it with love. I will not tell my inner child, my inner teenager, that she can’t feel the way she feels. I refuse to pretend my past didn’t happen because it makes me (and other people) uncomfortable, or that it hasn’t shaped who I am now, or that it doesn’t affect me now. I stand with pride and dignity in the truth of my wounding, and the aftermath of my history… all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly.

But that is only half the story. Whether I’m working with my own pain or another’s, the first 50% of that work is about hearing, deep listening, witnessing, acknowledging, honouring, validating, having compassion for. Because if we don’t do that, we don’t know what we’re working with and the wounded inner child, the raw emotional childlike self within, won’t trust us. How can I learn anything about who I am and what matters to me if I don’t listen to myself? If I shut myself down?

Far too often, we all just want to get to the “fix it” bit. We go there too fast. We don’t honour the ancient wisdom of mindfulness by hearing the wound, the sadness, the betrayal, the rage. Probably because so many of us are shit-scared of our not-so-pretty/polite emotions and have no idea how to safely co-exist with them. Many of us either grew up with people who were emotionally repressed who said (or implied) that we shouldn’t be sad or angry, or jealous or scared or talk about how we feel…. OR we grew up with people who were totally out of control, whose emotions ruled them in chaotic, abusive ways that made emotional expression seem really scary and dangerous. Maybe we got a bit of both!

I’ve struggled with this stuff all my life, which is partly why I love helping other people with it; everything I’ve had to learn to survive being me and and having my history is beautiful treasure I love sharing with others.

And one of the biggest things I’ve learned is the 50:50 rule: spend the first 50% of your time being mindfully present with how you feel BEFORE you take charge of shifting your emotional state into a more positive one.

In these Psychic Art Therapy sketches I’ve done for myself, the first one was about acknowledging, feeling into, owning, and accepting how I feel and seeing what I could learn about myself in the process: Ah! So that’s what that hollow, cold feeling in my belly is! Ohhhh, so that’s why I freeze up in these situations!

The second sketch is the bit where instead of being a loving friend/parent to myself who listens and loves and accepts myself warts and all (which is what I did in the first sketch), I am now being a loving parent/friend who says “how would you rather feel? What would that look like? When DO you feel this way? What helps you feel this way? How can you help yourself feel better, in a healthy, loving way?”

Can you tell which sketch is which?

It’s these kinds of skills (ie developing my own emotional intelligence, self-compassion and intuition) that have helped me become a good aura reader and healer!

I’ve been running workshops for many years where I teach people Psychic Art Therapy, and my next course begins next Wednesday night (on line). If you can relate to any of the following, I think you would love it:

🌷You are a sensitive, an Empath, a carer, a healer…. and you would love to develop this skill further while learning how to keep it balanced (eg not being overwhelmed by your emotions/impressions).

🌷You love colours and drawing, even if you don’t think of yourself as being artistic, and you find creativity is soothing or healing for you…

🌷You struggle with mind-body awareness, perhaps because you’re a repressive coper who has learned to ignore feelings, but you know this is having a negative impact on your health and happiness….

🌷You work with children, teens, or people who have been traumatised and would love to learn how to help them speak with pictures and colours when words are too hard to find….
If you’d like to come along, pm me or text me on 0438110872 for more info
Love Om

4-Week Online Course

(Group video chat via Zoom, with Facebook support group)
July 3rd to 24th (2019)
8pm- 9.30pm ACST
200.00 AU

WEEK 1 : Mandalas

Learn how to…

Create your own healing mandala

Explore the symbolism of shape (sacred geometry) and colour

WEEKS 2 – 4 : Aura Sketching

Learn how to…

*Combine art therapy with mindfulness for greater self-awareness

*Use creative visualisation and Aura Colour Breathing for healing

*Use aura colour sketching to build greater emotional intelligence

*Create both diagnostic aura sketches and healing aura sketches 

*Combine aura sketches and mandalas with healing mantras

4-Week Online Course
(Group video chat via Zoom, with Facebook support group)
July 3rd to 24th (2019)
8pm- 9.30pm ACST
200.00 AU

In week 1, you will be Learning how to create your own healing mandala, while we explore the symbolism of shape (sacred geometry) and colour.

In weeks 2-4, you will be learning how to use aura sketching as a form of art therapy to develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. This course includes the use of creative visualisation and aura colour breathing for healing.


1) Do I need to have any artistic talent or experience to do this course?

No, you don’t! If you’d like to learn more about this, you might enjoy this video:

2) What art materials do I need?

You just need some blank paper and something to use to put colour on the paper. The paper can be any thickness or size, it really is up to you. I recommend using white paper. For your colours, you might like to use pencils, textas, crayons, chalks etc. You can even use watercolour paint if you want to! It really is up to you. I recommend using materials you are familiar with, comfortable with and enjoy using.

3) How will the course be run?

I’ll be hosting this course using Zoom, which is really easy to use, and fun. We’ll be able to see and hear each other, but you also have the option of hiding your screen if you prefer, and of muting yourself. If you haven’t used Zoom before, let me know, and we’ll do a trial run ahead of the first class to make sure you’re up to speed.

4) What if I miss a lesson?

I’ll be recording each lesson for you in case you miss it, and will make it available for you to playback for the duration of the course.

5) Are there extra reading materials or homework? Do I need to put extra time in outside of the set class time on the Wednesday night?

There aren’t any extra reading materials: this is all Prac-based, which means we learn by doing. It’s up to you to take notes during class, if you want to! While I hope you will practice what you learn each Wednesday throughout the week to come, there is no set homework, or assignments to deliver. I might sometimes suggest a specific area of research or an exercise to do to help you tap into your unique skills, but whether or not you follow through with this is entirely up to you.

6) Do I need to have any psychic skills already?

No. The methods I teach are really easy! You just need to have an imagination, which the vast majority of people do have. The thing is, most things we do, even simple things like reading a book, or learning a task, require imagination. I’ll just be teaching you how to use it in a way that helps you access your intuition.