Fundraising Event for Australian Animals affected by the Fires

Hello lovely people!

Just thought I’d pop in and give you an update before I settle in for a few hours of biography writing.

I haven’t shared much on my website about what’s been happening for us lately, so for those of you who don’t already know, we lost our Nymboida sanctuary in NSW to the fires that swept through on the 9th of November last year. We are safe, and we still have a home in Darwin, so we are okay. Just very sad about the losses and suffering so many are going through.

FUNDRAISING FOR FAWNA (For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid)


This Saturday, I’m hosting a fundraising event for FAWNA Initially, the time set for this event was 11am ACST, but we have a wonderful group of people wanting to join us from America who have requested a time change, so we’re shuffling the time back a bit, to 11.30am

We only have one of the 12 spots left for those who which to take part in the webinar, which means we’re only $85 away from raising the minimum $1000 goal I had set for this fundraising event!!

A very big thank you to Mellara and Shirley, from my heart to yours. Your love and care for our beautiful Australian wildlife has moved me to tears many times over the past few days.

The worst part of losing my home in NSW, our beautiful eco wildlife sanctuary, was knowing that so many of the wild animals I’d met and come to love, either died in the fire or died of injuries, hunger and thirst afterwards. I’m so grateful for organisations such as FAWNA.


FAWNA are the only group licensed for all species in its 18,000 sq km area, which ranges south from Bulahdelah to the northern part of the Kempsey Shire and west to Stroud and Gloucester.

They work closely with Koala Preservation Society and Koalas in Care, and receive no formal funding to carry out their vital wildlife rescue, relocation and rehabilitation work. Instead, they rely on membership subscriptions and their own fundraising activities, augmented by public donations. All their wildlife carers are voluntary and work from their own homes, so no salaries are paid, BUT, you’ll be happy to know that FAWNA does maintain a Carer’s Support Fund to provide assistance to members where they have unusually high costs associated with caring for disadvantaged fauna.

In the last financial year FAWNA’S volunteers handled over 3000 animals, birds and reptiles that were called in by caring members of the public to the 24 hour 7 day a week person-answered wildlife rescue hotline 6581 4141. Some were delivered to the region’s caring veterinary clinics and passed to FAWNA for ongoing care before release.

Fundraising Webinar

A Gaian Healing Journey with Om and Gaia

SATURDAY 25th January

11.30am ACST


There will be two viewing options. You can join my “Healing with Om” group to view the webinar for free, but I will be encouraging everyone to who does this to donate directly to FAWNA via a button they will find on my Facebook page and in my “Healing with Om” group.

The event will be live streamed into the group and you can interact with us and join in the healing journey by making comments on the page below the live video. We’ll pause every now and then to read some of these comments out loud during the webinar. If you can’t attend during the live streaming, the video will be available for you to view later when you do have time.

If you aren’t already in my “Healing with Om” group, here’s the link:


12 very special tickets were made available for purchase via the link below. Once all the tickets are sold, I’ll donate 100% of the money raised to FAWNA and take a screenshot or make a video of this event, so that you know your money id going where it’s intended to go! We only have one of these tickets left! Yay!!!

These 12 people will be able to join me in the Zoom Webinar via a special link which will be sent to them. So long as everyone’s video and audio are turned on, we will be able to see and hear each other and have a scrumptious conversation about our love for our Australian winged, feathered, furred, finned and scaled brothers and sisters…

Then my spirit guide Gaia will take us on a healing journey into Nature. The intention behind this meditative journey is to provide healing, both for us, and for our animal brothers and sisters affected by the fires.

After the journey, we will discuss our experiences and then I will be giving each of the webinar attendees an animal Spirit Guide reading.

Please purchase a ticket!

When you click on this link please read the information carefully. You need to CLICK “SET TIME ZONE” to purchase your ticket.

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