“Awaken your Courage”

Aura Colour Therapy


Did you know that you can change your experience of reality by adjusting your energetic frequency of light?

I’m an Aura Colour Therapist, and this is how I help people heal their wounds and manifest their dreams: I help them change their aura colours!


Your aura is the non-physical part of your being, depicted visually as a pattern of colours around and within your physical body. Aura colours are created by chakras. Chakras are energy centres in the aura. Each chakra generates a specific colour, as per my watercolour painting depicted on the back of my Aura Cards.

centred balanced chakra

The aura is also a fantastic visual metaphor for the mind-body. For example, a blue aura is a useful visual metaphor for a very calm and peaceful mind-body state, whereas a red aura makes a great visual metaphor for a highly energised and passionate state of being.

Your aura is YOU on an energetic level:

*Your habitual emotions and thinking habits…

*Your personality and values…

*Your experiences and interactions with others, past present and future…

*Your behaviours and choices…

*Your strengths, weakness and potentials…

Everything about you has an energy frequency or signature of light which can be perceived by psychic therapists like myself. And these frequencies are not set in stone. Most aura frequencies are learned habitual states. You can learn to cultivate bright healthy aura colours such as Happiness Yellow, Vision Yellow and Courage Orange while reducing murky, tangled low frequency colours such as Anxiety Yellow, Insecurity Yellow and Confusion Brown.

My job as an Aura Colour Therapist is to reflect my clients back to themselves so they can see themselves more clearly and make more empowered choices. I teach them to recognise the influences that have helped to shape them, the patterns they have settled into over time. I help them say yes to the light and power woven through the fabric of who they are and no to the behaviours and choices that lead to murky aura colours that rob them of sparkle and potency.


This webinar series focuses on stimulating and enhancing three warm-frequency colours in your aura – Courage, Vision and Manifestation – using a range of Aura Colour Therapy techniques. During each webinar, I’ll be using skills developed over my past 23 years as a psychic therapist, to help attendees tap into and strengthen these frequencies of light. We’ll be using a therapeutic blend of light, colour, sound, visualisation, story-telling, meditation and psychic intent to activate each frequency.

The three 90min webinars will run over three weeks. These will be hosted on Zoom. If you miss the webinar you can watch it back on replay later. Attendees will be invited to a closed Facebook group and will be given access to support materials: visual and auditory guides that help them practice and develop the techniques designed to enhance each aura frequency.

Each webinar is valued at a very special introductory price of $35. The total package is worth over $100, but I’m offering it for $70 which means you’ll be receiving the third webinar for free!

Here is the FIRST WEBINAR. I’ll post about the other two in the days to come!

If you are in one of my subscription groups, please contact me for a special discounted price.

SEMINAR 1 “Courage Orange”

The phoenix rising from the ashes

11.30am February 4th Australian Central Standard Time.

The Courage colour is one that appears in the aura when a person is beginning to recover from a Grey auric state.

A grey auric state is one where you don’t feel sparkly, inspired, energised, hopeful, or positive. Instead, you might feel drained, hopeless, stagnant, pessimistic, bored, lost or apathetic.

You might be suffering from creative block or burnout, procrastination, disappointment, or grief and loss. You might be feeling a bit trapped, or stuck in a rut.

When I’m working with the aura using psychic vision (clairvoyance), a grey auric state can look like a grey overcast sky where grey clouds blocking inner sunshine, or it might resemble the ashes of a dead inner fire. When our inner fire goes out, we lose a lot of our drive, ambition and enthusiasm for life. We feel afraid and intimidated, overwhelmed and uninspired.

During this webinar, I’ll be helping you revive your inner fire! Courage Orange is an amber colour that often makes me think of embers…. those first little sparks of light that appear in the aura when our inner fire re-awakens. The Courage colour stirs and stimulates red, orange and yellow frequencies, giving rise to vibrancy, hope, enthusiasm, and optimism.

This is the ultimate “phoenix rising from the ashes” frequency and yes, it can be deliberately stimulated to help you rise from the ashes back into the light!

In essence, this webinar is a collective healing: I will work some of my healing magic on your aura while taking you on a colour-filled healing journey to help you recover your Courage frequencies.

From here, our newly re-awakened Courage can carry us into the next webinar, giving us the spark we need to find and clarify our Vision.

Awaken your Courage

1 hr webinar on the 4th Feb 2020 ACST. Comes with a closed Facebook group and support materials as additional resources. If you miss the Live Webinar you can watch the replay.


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AWAKEN YOUR COURAGE: Tues 4th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST ----- VISION QUEST : Tues 11th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST ----- MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS : Tues 18th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST