SEMINAR 2 “Vision Quest”

“Vision Quest” is the second Light Webinar in the Visionary Webinar series. During this 90min webinar we’ll be immersing ourselves in a visionary journey designed to draw inspirational shafts of Vision Yellow light into your light body.

Vision Yellow is one of my favourite colours to find in a person’s light body during an aura reading, aura portrait or aura healing consultation (your aura is your light body, your energy body).

Like a beam of light emerging from our depths, Vision Yellow can be our own deep inner knowing revealing itself in a flash of insight and revelation; suddenly, everything becomes clear. These light-bulb moments are treasures to cherish in our journey through life, because they help us get our bearings and see the lay of the land around us…. they help us clearly see who and where we have been, who and where we are now, and therefore, what direction to head in next.

Then there are times when Vision Yellow is like a shaft of light piercing through clouds of uncertainty and confusion. It can feel like an inspired blessing, a lifeline sent from heaven above, a ray of light to pierce the darkness. When we find it, Vision Yellow can be the light at the end of the tunnel that gets us through tough times, an anchor of hope and positive energy that guides us forwards, a guiding star lighting our way through the darkness.

Having Vision Yellow enter your light body can feel like curtains flung back to welcome in the light, heralding a new day, a new beginning. Or the flourish of a wrist as it pulls back the covers to reveal a mirror or a portrait, helping you see yourself and your potentials with crystal clarity.

Vision Yellow give us light to see by. It’s what I call a “mountain-top” colour because it helps our energetic frequency rise high enough to grant us a blessed glimpse of our Bigger Picture, how everything in our life is connected, our place in the scheme of things, a hint of the sacred design weaving purpose and meaning through the fabric of our lives. Without the occasional blessings of coming face to face with Vision Yellow, we can feel lost, discombobulated, disjointed, overwhelmed, as though we can’t quite see the forest for the trees, when it comes to making sense of our own lives.

And for those of us who can already See, a little more Vision Yellow can bring even more clarity about Who We Are and what’s possible, lighting us up with joy as beautiful, breath-taking vistas open up in our minds eye. The work we do during this webinar will set the stage for a Vision Yellow moment of pristine clarity which will arrive, when the moment is ripe and right, sometime over the next 6 or 7 months that follow.

“Vision Quest” is the second Light Webinar in a series of three. Scroll down to find tickets, or read on to learn about the series, with a blurb added about the first webinar.


This webinar series focuses on stimulating and enhancing three warm-frequency colours in your aura – Courage, Vision and Manifestation – using a range of Aura Colour Therapy techniques. During each webinar, I’ll be using skills developed over my past 23 years as a psychic therapist, to help attendees tap into and strengthen these frequencies of light. We’ll be using a therapeutic blend of light, colour, sound, visualisation, story-telling, meditation and psychic intent to activate each frequency.

The three 90min webinars will run over three weeks. These will be hosted on Zoom. If you miss the webinar you can watch it back on replay later. Attendees will be invited to a closed Facebook group and will be given access to support materials: visual and auditory guides that help them practice and develop the techniques designed to enhance each aura frequency.

Each webinar is valued at a very special introductory price of $35. The total package is worth over $100, but I’m offering it for $70 which means you’ll be receiving the third webinar for free!


If you are in one of my subscription groups, please contact me for a special discounted price.


Vision Quest

1 hr webinar on the 11th Feb 11.30am 2020 ACST. Comes with a closed Facebook group and support materials as additional resources. If you miss the Live Webinar you can watch the replay.


Purchase the full series : all three webinars

AWAKEN YOUR COURAGE: Tues 4th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST ----- VISION QUEST : Tues 11th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST ----- MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS : Tues 18th Feb 2020 11.30am ACST


Stay tuned to hear about the third webinar!!