Manifest your Dreams

Beautiful souls!

Would you like to bring some sunshine into your light-body and radiate some light?!

I’m about to host a series of three Light Webinars, online seminars where we explore the healing properties of specific light frequencies. In this series, we’re immersing ourselves in the golden yellow and orange light frequencies of Courage, Hope, Rebirth, Inspiration, Insight and Manifestation.

The first Light Webinar, “Awaken your Courage” is on Tuesday 4th Feb at 11.30am ACST (Australia Central Standard Time). Join me, and I’ll take you on a journey full of warmth, laughter, fun and creative play designed to ignite your inner phoenix and “rise from the ashes” of any lost courage and hope. I’m an Aura Colour Therapist and I’ve been sketching, reading and healing people’s energy fields, their “light bodies” or auras, for over 20 years. I “see” over 100 different light frequencies, different aura colours, and one of them is a gorgeous orange frequency I call Courage Orange. This is the frequency I’ll be helping you awaken in YOUR light body during this online seminar.

Our second Light Webinar, “Vision Quest” is on Tuesday 11th at 11.30am ACST. Having stirred the embers of our inner fire during the “Awaken your Courage” event, we’ll now be turning those embers into little rays of inspired light, like a star guiding our way through the night. This Light Webinar takes us on a journey to invoke one of my favourite yellow aura frequencies, Vision Yellow. Bringing this colour into our aura brings inspiration, revelations and clarity. It helps us see the bigger picture and gives us little glimpses into the Divine Cosmic plan coaxing us towards our higher destiny. In this webinar I’ll be setting the stage for this colour to appear in your light body.

Our third Light Webinar, “Manifest your Dreams” is on Tuesday 18th at 11.30am ACST. In this webinar, we’ll be playing with a pumpkin orange light frequency I call The Manifestation Colour. I find this colour in the aura of people who are very good at making decisions, setting goals, and achieving them. This webinar will see us exploring the skills these people have learned to cultivate, including specific manifestation and intention-setting skills.

Attendees can choose to register for one, two or all three Light Webinars in this series, with a discount given for those who choose to register for all three.  

All three Visionary Light Webinars (Courage, Vision and Manifestation) SPECIAL PRICE!

Valued at $105, the set of three is being offered at the special price of $70, which means you receive 3 for the price of 2!! These Webinars are being hosted on the 4th, 11th and 18th Feb, 11.30am ACST (Anyone who registers and misses the Live webinar can watch the reply, and we’re creating a scrumptious closed Facebook Group full of associated resources)


Awaken your Courage – Visionary Light Webinar

4th Feb 11.30am ACST


Vision Quest – Visionary Light Webinar

11th Feb 11.30am ACST


Manifest your Dreams – Visionary Light Webinar

18th Feb 11.30am ACST