Scorpio Moon

Gaia sweet Gaia, Earth-Goddess my Love

Tell me about this Scorpio Moon above…

Photograph taken May 7th 2020 by Omanisa

As an empath, I feel the movement of this moon inside me

Moving energy from my pelvis, my belly, my depths

Up into my heart, down into my thighs

Energising and releasing

Through me

As a visionary shaman

I see you, handsome moon

Through the lens of my third eye

I see myself standing in your white glow

A maiden-goddess of pure light and snowfall

A white falcon circling within and around me

Spiralling upwards into my heart’s heights

And down into the frozen tundra below

Calling as she swoops, then plunges

Reaching deep for her prey

Her sustenance

Is to pray

Speak through me

Take my voice, it’s yours

Let me be wings for your words

“I am as much hawk, eagle, falcon….

As I am scorpions potent sting

I will spin rings around you

Mesmerise and enchant

with romantic fire

Heat and desire…

I will set

Your soul free

From its bindings

Wash it lovingly clean

There is nothing you need

To prove to anyone but yourself

I am here to reveal your light

Give you wings for the flight

Back home to your heart

So you can know you

Right from the start

Of all that you are

Into the depths

Of Eternity


To see


This Scorpio moon awakens dormant sexual energy, Qi energy at the base of the spine. It doesn’t feel exactly like kundalini energy. More like a close cousin. Related but distinct. It feels like gathered energy stored in the sexual organs based on experiences gathered from life, experiences to do with developing our sense of self. Some of which have been seen through the lens, the “eyes” of the sexual organs themselves; experiences with a sexual flavour to them, ranging from literal physical sex all the way through to romantic fantasy. This energy has a magnetic, alluring pull, a loaded charge, an “edge”. Sometimes it feels pure and searingly beautiful and majestic, like a white snow falcon soaring free. Other times it feels dark and stormy and it may even deliver a sting.

It can produce a yearning, hungry feeling, the kind of drive that pushes us to pursue not just love or sex, but passionate hobbies and career aspirations. It’s can also be the barely-held-back, potentially explosive charge that has us on the edge of our seat during a good thriller, that see’s sparks fly during a heated argument, and draws your heart from your chest with a lurch when something precious slips through your fingers. The Scorpio Moon seems to be shining a light onto and into the places where we store this energy (sexual/reproductive organs, legs, lower back, belly, and upper chest) and stirring it awake.

There seem to be healing opportunities here, a chance to release locked up tension from muscles and organs, meridian lines and chakras, whilst simultaneous opening the psyche and heart to higher possibilities that liberate us from old routines and ingrained habits. There is a broad, “birds-eye view” falcon quality here, and a falcon-eyed sharpness that awakens us to reality, helping us be honest with ourselves and see things clearly, so we can stand back, see the bigger picture and take a measured moment to weigh things up and consider our choices before we swoop, before we say words that can’t be taken back or take actions we might regret. This Scorpio Moon is a light that shines down and illuminates choice, reminding us that our choices have power. Where and how we invest our sexual, magnetic Scorpio charge has a power and potency that can lead to incredible harm or incredible good, depending on how that mighty sword is wielded and where we focus the strike of our sting.  

So take a breath. Stop for a moment and gaze at the moon. Imagine looking back it yourself from the moon, across that vast distance, and take stock. Let yourself open to the light. See it spread through you and illuminate your shadows. Now lift them into the light with the choices you make. Your higher potentials are calling to you through the old cloaking shadows of the past and asking you to push your way free.  


Providing insight into:

*Past Lives & Future Destiny
*Wounds & Gifts
*Emotional Depths
*Paths to Fulfilment
*Your Higher Wisdom (what you’ve come to teach others)

This is a new service, a written reading which blends Om’s lifelong interest in astrology with her clairvoyant ability to read the aura (your energy field or light body). What star constellation was the moon moving through at the time of your birth? Your moon sign reveals your past lives and what will bring emotional fulfillment. And what of your higher purpose, your gifts, your destiny? This is revealed by your solar eclipse and north node…

To place your order, use the Astro-Aura booking link below. It will ask you to book in a time I will set aside to do your reading, which will then be emailed to you or uploaded as a file on Messenger.

Love Om