“PIGWEED, PIGFACES & PARAKEELYAS” : 90 min online Zoom class on Sunday 24th May 11am ACST

Inspired by Om's great uncle Peter who was an arid zone botanist who started the plant-walks at Uluru, these 90 min online classes are a virtual tour through outback Australia's native plants, Om's naturopathic clinic and the vegetable gardens of Om and her family and friends throughout Australia. Learn about herbal medicine, native plant uses, edible weeds, plant-based nutrition, the biochemistry of plants and the spiritual medicine of flower essences.


During this months Plant-walk we’ll be focusing on three native Australian succulents: Pigweed, Pigface and Parakeelya. You can join us by paying using the payment button above, and we’ll email you the Zoom link for the event.

….OR you can book your spot using Om’s booking app (which calculates the time difference for you!)