Surfing the psychic dream realm

A few months ago I dreamed I was surfing down a river that stretched between where I am living and where I was born. When I woke up, I laughed and shook my head, wondering how I could ever have believed surfing down the centre of Australia was possible to do! I can’t surf and there is no such river, but thankfully, my dreaming mind doesn’t let pesky rational thinking get in the way of a good dream and ruin all fun. “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story,” as my husband often says, with a wink.

From a rational perspective, it’s tempting to dismiss the dream as a crazy, silly story, but my intuitive, psychic mind knows better. The surfing dream gave me exactly the same kind of feeling I get in my flying dreams, that sense of side-stepping and rising above all the troubles and intrigues that might normally tangle me up and weigh me down. Since having this dream, things have changed in my life, making it much, much easier to surf down memory lane (into my past) without feeling weighed down or emotionally impacted by bad memories.

When I’m teaching students about psychic ability, I often explain to them that the psychic mind ‘thinks’ in exactly the same way the dreaming mind does, in abstract metaphors and analogies. One of the first skills I help my psychic students develop is the ability to quiet the conscious mind so that the that the psychic mind can begin to “day-dream” without being censored and judged. The psychic must learn to suspend disbelief and go along with a wacky irrational story-line, just like they do when they’re dreaming. After they ‘wake up’, they can bend their conscious mind to the task of searching for analogies and metaphors.

A fledgling psychic tends to have fragmented ‘day-dreams’ but with time, relatively coherent story-lines emerge and as the conscious and subconscious minds learn to speak each others language, what once seemed like a crazy and impossible story-lines start to make perfect sense.