The Dove Goddess

Dove Goddess – White Lady

This is one of my spirit guide sketches which is being included in the upcoming Spirit Guide Oracle card and book set. I am taking pre-orders now if you would like to reserve one for yourself.

A Torres Strait Pigeon perches in a carpenteria palm with a berry in it’s beak while the human form of this Goddess stretches sensually in the background, reaching her arms up into the palm fronds as she leans back against the trunk, a delicious tingling warmth flowing through her. The Dove Goddess is a shapeshifter who reflects and embodies all cultures and all women united together as One. Sometimes she is a dove, sometimes she is a woman. As a woman, the Dove Goddess creatively expresses her essence through different guises; sometimes older, sometimes younger; sometimes slender, other times curvaceous. She flits in her features from one culture and age to another.

The Dove Goddess is Aphrodite, Venus, Inanna, Ishtar and many other Goddesses besides. She is the Great Mother, Creator Goddess, an embodiment of the sacred feminine. In Christianity, the dove symbolises the Holy Spirit (heavenly messenger), Mother Mary, and peace. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, was raised by a dove, and the Sumerian mother-goddess Ishtar is often pictured holding a pigeon in her hand. Astarte, the ancient Phoenican goddess of love and fertility, is also associated with the dove.

While I was drawing this Spirit Guide, I kept hearing the phrase ‘play dress-ups’. This Goddess loves beauty and says it comes in many different forms. She encourages you to enjoy your body, your physicality, and be creative with how you express yourself through our physical appearance, to explore your identity and be playful with it. Let yourself have accessories, colours, styles and looks that let you tap into different facets of your global goddess self, your global sense of beauty. “Play with me!”, the Goddess says. “Be my mirror in the world, reflecting the beauty of one woman back to another across cultures and ages. Morph with me through the sisterhood, flowing like a river through the vibrantly diverse and unique facets of y/our femininity.”

While this message was originally channeled through for a female client I see no reason why it couldn’t be embraced by my brothers. Men can celebrate the beauty of women and reflect them back to themselves in nourishing ways, while also embracing the more feminine aspects of their own appearance and mannerisms. We all have male and female energies within us. There were times during the sketching process when this goddess with beautiful breasts wanted a man’s face; yet another reminder of her shapeshifting nature, and a nod, perhaps, to modern shifts in perceptions of gender. In fact, there was an entire week where her face refused to express as solely feminine. This reminds me of many gods and goddesses, Egyptian ones especially, who are ‘gender neutral’ or gender fluid, expressing the sacred feminine in one moment and the divine masculine in the next.

“I am both,” says the Goddess. “I am a Goddess in touch with her God, in more ways than one. I am a flower who pollinates herself. I will guide you into a full and deep knowing of the sacred feminine/masculine as it expresses through you. I will help you celebrate the sacred feminine/masculine within you.”

As she says this, I see two images. One is a sexual image of a penis inside a vagina, and a gloriously uplifting sense of union, as though this is what ‘God’ is: a merging of male and female, yin and yang, polar opposites of night and day, of earth and sky making love. The second image is of a king residing within and supporting his queen. I feel a fierce emotion well up, as though Spirit is asking me to turn and face my inner King and receive him, honouring his presence. Rather than seeking ‘out there’ for your King or Queen, know the other first within yourself and then you will see it mirrored back to you in people around you. As we cultivate both the male and female within and feel the love and respect each has for the other, we’ll be able to more clearly see and experience this dynamic in the world around us.

The Dove Goddess is bonded to nature, and there is a little eco-feminism warrior-princess about her. Sees herself in Nature and deplores the slavery and objectification not only of women’s bodies, but the body of Nature too, in All Her Guises. She wants to fly free like a bird, and romp playfully with innocent, uninhibited pleasure. She doesn’t like ropes that bind, or rules that dictate. Nature is the temple she worships within, and her worship is a celebration of all that is natural, including the naked body, underarm/pubic hair, orgasms, and masturbation.

The Dove Goddess loves sex, sensuality and physical pleasure, and is playful with it, like a tiger cub pouncing, stalking, purring. She encourages you to stretch, dance and enjoy the sensuality and sexuality of your physical body. In her bird form, the Dove Goddess carries berries like little seed bombs of potential pleasure, ready to explode with divine kundalini energy. These is a deeply erotic, sensual and spiritual connection between the berry, the woman and the bird. The dove is the sacred, sensual, pure spiritual energy of freedom and light lifting the ‘sacred cherry’ to new heights, carrying it into new realms of possibility.

Like a cupid with bow and arrow, Dove drops these bliss-bombs into people’s hearts to stir the love vibe. She drops them into people’s bellies to enhance the depth and breadth of their organisms, and she drops them into empty tanks drained dry by over-seriousness, rules and regulations, over-work and lack of pleasure and play. Her little berry is like a clitoris or nipple being massaged into ever higher spiritual capacity for being completely present in the moment and able to flow and let go into sensual bliss.