Wind Whisperer

I’ve been sketching people’s spirit guides for many years and this card and book set is a collection of some of my favourites over this time. Many of you are familiar with the prototype deck I’ve been using in clinic consults. The retail version I’m working on now is a boxed set containing 36 cards and an accompanying book. I’m hoping to have the published deck ready for posting out in June-July 2021 and am currently taking pre-orders for the first print edition.

The Wind Whisperer energy first made itself known to me with one of many whispers that were to come, while I was in the central Australian desert at mum’s house. She has a kurrajong in her front yard, and our car was parked beside it, so I was often going past it. I kept noticing a smooth round, raised area under the tree, an area of dirt that seemed to be swept clean. It reminded me that I had created a fairy garden there once! The leaves were hanging down, and the wind was blowing them, brushing the sand clear. All around this were fallen leaves, twigs, seedpods and little white feathers.

On the drive home to Northern Australia, we found ourselves being courted by willy-willies, also known as ‘dry-weather wind’ or dust-devils. There were so many of them skipping around, more than I have seen ever before, many quite large. And for some reason, they kept arriving on the road in front of us and we’d find ourselves driving through them. It felt quite Dorothy-wizard-of-Oz-like. This was when this guide began coming through and asking to be sketched: wind, falcon and elder.

In my vision, an old man stands protectively in front of an endangered grey falcon, as her guardian. He can always sense her, feel her, track her. She in turn leaves him feathers. Little gifts. He wears one of her dropped flight feathers, bound with twine around his head, and sometimes, he wears her downy feathers on his chest, pressed into white lines painted over raised ceremonial scars. Although the falcon presents as a young female, she is very old and wise. I see her turning her head to look and see. She sees deeply, a long way, across and through time. She is a spirit falcon, and he is a wind spirit. They are like brother and sister, connected by whispers in the wind that dance between and around them.

“Wind whisperer” is the wind, a sacred grey falcon, and an elder. It’s the connection between these three beings, the love, the breath that joins the elder with his spirit guide, a sacred wind that flows between them, joining them as one. The hawk and the elder flow into and out of each other, neither man nor bird, they are the wind, a song flowing through his didgeridoo, a breeze ruffling her feathers.

If you look closely, you can see the hint of an Eye of Horus formed by the yellow of the falcon’s eye, a talisman bringing the blessing of protection, strength and purification. The whole time I was drawing this sketch, I kept seeing this Egyptian symbol and sensing Horus around me. Like this Australia elder, Horus was both man and falcon, Lord of the Skies, a visionary prophet with the sun as his right eye and the moon as his left. Falcon spirit medicine is famous for its clairvoyant clarity and sharpness of vision and this is most definitely part of the spirit medicine of the Wind Whisperer.

The male elder in this sketch always comes to me with some kind of hollow tube or pipe in his hands when we do healing together. He most often comes through for people who have indigenous Australian heritage, and for those stepping onto the shaman’s path. Sometimes the hollow pipe looks like the central core of a feather, other times it looks like a pipe you might blow a dart through, or a flute. Most of the time, it’s a didgeridoo. Wind Whisperer is a master in the art of using breath and sound for healing. This energy is like a breath of fresh air that helps clear old stagnancy from our lungs.

Wind Whisperer encourages you to let go of whatever emotion is clouding your judgement and rise above it all on the wings of the Hawk to higher ground, in a quest for inner peace anchored in unconditional love. This guide is an Australian version of Buddha, the Dalai Lama, or Mother Teresa, encouraging us to walk through life with loving non-attachment. A new dawn is coming, says the Wind Whisperer, one that will bring clarity and light, if only we can rise with love above provocations that trigger old conditioned responses from places of pain within. The old man blows power through his pipe into your heart chakra, a gift of light to melt your pain, raise your frequency and awaken dormant channels that connects the compassionate heart to higher states of consciousness.