Spirit Medicine with Om

Tomorrow night I’m meeting with some of my graduated students to celebrate their epic accomplishment! These incredible healers have been working with me for an entire year, honing their skills as Spirit Medicine practitioners. 

Spirit Medicine with Om is training course which I designed as a way to pass on the knowledge I have gathered from a lifetime of practice as a healer and psychic. Spirit Medicine is spiritual medicine, a blending of ancient shamanic practice with modern creative therapies, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and naturopathy. 

Shamanism is a nature-based spiritual practice informed by the deep wisdom of indigenous cultures world-wide. Shamanism is a deeply creative approach to healing, counselling and spiritual mentoring that often appeals to artistic, open-minded, nature-loving people like myself, especially those who have a natural gift for entering trance states. 

It’s been an incredible journey and we have all grown so much!

Here’s what some of the students had to say about their year of study:



Special focus classes are available for those who select the Full Package option


The Gaian Meditation class teaches students how to use shamanic self-healing skills, with a special focus on using guided imagery for Nature-connection and self-soothing self-hypnosis. This class provides the basic skill-set needed for students who would like to progress to Level Two and learn how to heal others using shamanic journeying, and how to deliver a Gaian Healing Attunement. Those who progress to Level Three will learn how to deliver this modality in a workshop setting. 


This class teaches Om’s methods for shamanic crystal healing. Crystals are a fun way to learn about frequency medicine and the spiritual anatomy and physiology of the energy field. Each lesson provides insight into aura colour therapy, chakra theory and Om’s OMANTRA method, a mindfulness healing technique that can be combined with crystal therapy and chakra balancing. Apprentices who specialise in this area throughout the year and graduate from Spirit Medicine Mastery will be given wholesale access to Omanisa’s range of gem elixirs and aura sprays. 


This class teaches you about the healing uses of herbal medicine, flower essences and homeopathy. As with the crystal class, chakra theory is included, along with some meditation. Apprentices who specialise in this area throughout the year and graduate from Spirit Medicine Mastery will be given wholesale access to Omanisa’s Chakra tonics, kits, books and cards, and her unique flower essence range.


This class teaches you how to use the Aura Cards and Oracle Cards to do readings for yourself, using intuition and psychic skills such as clairvoyance. If you progress onto the next level of learning, you will learn how to do readings for others. Graduates of the Mastery Level have wholesale access to Om’s Aura and Spirit Guide oracle cards. 


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