Orange Chakra Ki


Ki is energy, a life-giving, nourishing energy ‘food’, a light that our light-body (energy field or aura) needs to have flowing through it (much like blood in our veins!) in order to maintain health and vitality.

Ki goes by many different names (Chi, Prana, Qi, Ha, Ka, Vital Spark etc) and comes in many different ‘flavours’ or forms depending on where it is, what it’s doing and who’s describing it. As an Aura Colour Therapist and Rainbow Shaman, I “see” Ki as different frequencies or colours of light.

“Enjoy Life” Chakra Art by Omanisa


Orange Ki is especially nourishing for our belly chakra, also known as the sacral chakra. This is the home of the Hara or lower Dantian, an extra special place to store Ki, just below the belly button.

Associated with the hips, pelvis, lower back, knees, belly and reproductive organs, the sacral chakra governs childbirth, reproduction and sexual pleasure. When our belly chakra is healthy we are playful, spontaneous, curious, relaxed, flexible, and open to new experiences. 







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