The Wise Ones

Many down-to-earth spiritual healers and sensitives with genuine depth of character and the capacity for deep reflection are shamans at heart. Read on to learn about the Shamanic Personality.

This is a sneak peak at Lesson 3 from Module 1 of my online self-study course Spirit Medicine with Om, which teaches people how to use shamanic healing skills for their self-care.


Your aura is your essence or spirit. It’s the non-physical part of who you are, your psyche or soul. Here’s an Aura Sketch featuring classic shamanic aura colours. Each colour represents specific personality traits.

I’m going to describe these traits to you because I’m hoping you might see yourself in these shamanic descriptions, even if it’s only in a small way.

Alternatively, might find yourself admiring the shamanic persona and wanting to become this kind of person. If you feel either of these things, the shaman’s path may well be calling you!

A fierce love for Nature You might have noticed the colours in this sketch are Earth colours, the same colours we see when looking back at Earth from space. The shamanic aura is the same as Gaia’s aura, our Earth Mother, because we are her healers. Earth, for the Shaman, is our home and our larger body, that which we and everyone else are a part of. Shamans are healers who seek to protect and restore the wholeness of Life/Gaia/Nature.

Feeling blessed and grateful As a shaman I know I am blessed, simply because I exist here on this incredible planet. Our green mother, dressed in robes of rolling green hills and forests full of life, gives us a home, food, shelter, community and so much more. I give thanks every day for the abundance that surrounds me. A shaman knows the gifts given by Gaia are part of the great cycle/spiral/circle of life and care must be taken to protect, foster and support these natural eco-systems, rather than taking mindlessly, greedily, and not giving anything back.

An holistic, empathic, animistic mindset. A shaman thinks in a holistic way, seeing the bigger picture and the way everything connects as one whole. The shaman knows we are all connected, all of life, as one big tribe. We also believe that everything has a spirit, a soul, an aura, a life-essence. This includes non-human animals, plants, forests, rocks, mountains, objects and place. And when you put all of this together, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so easy for us to empathise with the world around us.

Om’s Naturopathic Dispensary

A green thumb or an interest in herbs/nutrition.

Some shamans have a special connection with plants, and may be gifted gardeners and herbalists.

They often have a green thumb and a deep love for the plant kingdom.

Many shamans have a gift for bringing life into this world, regardless of whether this has to do with helping human or animal mothers get pregnant and give birth, the planting of seeds and cultivating plant life, or using herbs and plant-foods to save and improve life.

An ability to enter trance states and step outside of themselves. The empathic ability of the shaman, combined with their awareness that we are all One, enables them to step out of their physical body/reality and “see” reality from a different perspective (eg like a soaring bird looking down from above). The shaman’s spirit isn’t stuck in their physical body: it’s a fluid, adventurous entity that loves to go exploring! This capacity and desire to “see” from perspectives outside of their own enables to shaman to be highly observant and mindfully aware of their inner and outer reality, with the sharp-eyed watchfulness of a hawk, or an owl, or a dingo.

Placing value on being grounded and being of service. A Shaman might be able to travel beyond their physical body/reality/perspective but they always keep a part of themselves anchored (grounded) in their physical body and the shared consensus reality of their tribe/community. And they might be hermits who enjoy being alone with Nature but they also know that other humans are a cherished part of Nature and they do what they can to contribute to the wellbeing of the whole.

Observant composure and discernment. Shamans don’t waste energy unnecessarily. They are efficient with their actions and words. They stay centred and cannot easily be provoked, tricked, sucked dry or snuck up on. They don’t lose their cool. They don’t gossip and they’re good at zipping their lips and keeping secrets.

The ability to adapt to circumstances and “turn lemons into lemonade”. Every single experience, every moment, no matter how dark or painful, is a potential treasure because it can grant us more wisdom. As such, we are always looking for the light hidden in the darkness and the gifts in disguise. For us, “winning” has more to do with cultivating self-awareness and self-command than in becoming rich, having power over others or having status/success in the eyes of others. The Shaman knows true power comes from the perceptual choices we make, the way we tell our stories, the role/character/light we cast ourselves and others in.

Not letting your ego get the better of you. This means making authentically nourishing and empowering choices, rather than letting your need to feel important/heroic or appear wise/successful/right etc, dictate your behaviour. The negative ego is Trickster energy, sucking us in, leading us nowhere good, and projecting our insecurities and fears out into the world while not owning our own shit.

Familiarity with death and loss. Death is the natural prelude to rebirth. The death-rebirth cycle is a magical process of transformation that helps us grow, evolve, and prevent stagnation. Many shamans have experienced trauma, loss and dark nights of the soul; this can be exactly what leads them to the Shaman’s Path. Endings and death are an inevitable part of life, so we accept this whilst also cherishing and savouring life. A typical shaman knows life is short and that they must live in an authentic way which honours this truth.


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If you are interested in discovering what shamanic aura colours you have, you are welcome to book in for an Aura Sketch and Reading. Ask me about your shamanic identity and we can traverse your aura and your soul’s history: who have you been before and what are your unique shamanic gifts, skills and potentials?