Rainbow Ki & my Lineage as a Healer

When I had bad dreams as a child, or was scared of “the monsters in the shadows” mum put ‘imaginary’ protective rainbows around my room to help me feel safe and soothe me back to sleep. This wasn’t just good and powerful shamanic story-telling, it was the spirit-medicine of Ki-mastery being delivered by a Rainbow Shaman.

I followed in my mother’s foots steps and became a Rainbow Shaman who heals with Rainbow Ki. I have a highly refined ability to operate in Level Two Reality, to perceive, understand and communicate with all the different Ki-frequency patterns that White Light is made of, all the colours of the rainbow that must harmonise and intertwine in order for White Light to exist….

This is an excerpt from our second Spirit Medicine course module, “Rainbow Ki” – For $80 AU you can have a year of access to this module and the special student-only offers and discounts it contains for classes and consults.

My mother’s mother, grandma Anne, was a doctor. Anne’s mother Margaret, my great grandma, wanted to study medicine, but her dad was already paying to put her older sister through pharmacy school and this included the cost of accomodation on the mainland, so she opted to stay in Hobart and study science instead (metallurgy). Margaret’s mother – my great-great grandmother Lucy – was the head nurse at Hobart hospital. Lucy was famous for delivering all the babies in her community, and for taking blankets and clothes from her family to give to those who “needed them more”.

My grandma received and OAM for her work with children and in her later years she specialised in play therapy. She would get the children drawing while she spoke with their parents and she was trained to study these drawings for developmental insights into the child. In reminiscing with me one day, Grandma told me that she could somehow see more in these sketches that she was meant to… there was something intuitive that happened for her, deeper insights that went way beyond the scope of her training. She was tapping into Level Two Reality…

You can learn about the Three Levels of Reality in Module One, “Spirit Medicine” , which explains the core basics about Shamanism, which lays at the heart of Spirit Medicine. Shamanism is a creative, nature-based spirituality practised by indigenous cultures. A shaman is able to perceive and work with Ki (spiritual energy) and spirit helpers in the spirit realm to access healing energy and spiritual guidance.

The photo above is of my grandma Anne photographing a spider, my power animal. After Anne retired from medicine, she immersed herself in her love of wildflower photography and wrote a botanical identification book, Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia. After Anne died, I took over as publisher and am currently working of a revised, updated edition, with help from a group of botanists in Alice Springs.