Flame Robin – Spirit Guide

When I’m doing a standard consult with my clients, we often start with an Aura Card Reading, and then we do an Aura Healing. The reading is my way of tuning in and providing some holistic mindbody counselling. It’s also a core facet of my naturopathic diagnostic process. I’ve always understood the world around me better through the lens of colour, and over my 20+ years of working with colours, I’ve developed a pretty good colour-coded system for understanding the connections between personality, behaviour, emotion, thinking styles, physical health and herbal medicine.

During the reading process, I often draw one of my Spirit Guide oracle cards, to see who wants to guide the healing. Working with spirit guides is a beautifully creative way to play with narrative therapy and access your intuition. I often get the same guide showing up for my clients over the period of a few days, then that one moves on and another helper steps up. One of the main guides I’ve been working with this week is Flame Robin.

Flame Robin embodies the bold, creative, dynamic personality traits of people with a lot of health red in their aura. When I work with Flame Robin during a healing, he’s usually helping me improve the functioning of the base chakra and the way fire energy flows up through the legs, and in classic kundalini-style, from the base chakra up through the rest of the chakras. In the base and belly chakras, this fiery red energy improves our vitality, and our capacity to adapt to challenging circumstances in bold and self-empowering ways.

When this fuel from the base chakra energises the solar plexus, it help us feel comfortable standing out and drawing attention to ourselves. Vibrant red frequencies in the heart help us tap into and embrace our passions. When this fire Ki flows up to the throat, it can help us be more expressive in an assertive way and to express our passions in ways that inspire others. Bring that some fire up to the third eye, and you get better problem-solving skills.

I’m in the midst of putting together a blend based on the Flame Robin, an Aura Spray containing a range of gem, flower and/or colour essences from the collection I have created over my 20+ years of naturopathic practice. One of the ingredients will be a magical top end (North Australian) flower found in Arnhem Land, called phaleria. Phaleria is perfect for helping people think outside the square and find solutions when they feel backed into a corner, which is exactly what Flame Robin helps us with!

Flame Robin is one of the oracle cards in my Spirit Guide oracle card and book set, which is currently in production. We’re expecting our first print run to arrive in the clinic mid to late June!

The artwork and writing is all my own (very proud!), featuring spirit guides I’ve sketched for myself and clients over many years, mostly rendered in pastel chalks.

It’s a 36 card deck, with a 192-page guide book.

Here’s a sneak peek at the pages from this book about the Flame Robin: