Coral Fairy Magic

I love the magic of the oracle cards! I especially love the way they integrate with the Aura Cards. When I do client sessions, I use both decks. Together, they tell good stories that help me see my clients patterns clearly.

Last week, I was gazing down at the spread of Aura Cards my client had chosen, and suddenly saw one of the spirit guides from my Oracle Deck. It was Coral Fairy!

My client had the Fantasy colour in her belly chakra, and Expression Blue above her head. (Picture a beach with white-yellow sand and electric blue water). And the surrounding colours fit perfectly. Spirit Guides have auras, just like humans do. Each one is distinctive. Like a fingerprint, it identifies you… a unique set of traits that tell a story about your personality, gifts, skills, etc.

Looking down at the spread of colours that day, I could clearly see Coral Fairy putting her hand up to say, “I can help with this one.” Her signature was shining brightly through! So I reached up and took the Coral Fairy Aura Spray off the shelf and showed it to my client. The label had a list of uses, explaining what the remedy was good for:

“Getting out of a rut so you can move forwards in a positive way”

“Slowing down and resting so you can dream up new, more fulfilling opportunities”

She smiled and nodded. It was perfect!

Then I asked her to shuffle the Oracle Cards. She shuffled, chose a card at random, turned it over and was amazed to discover she’d chosen the Coral Fairy!