Sacred Play for Healing

For the next month, before we head off for some travel, we’re offering some Group Consults.

These group sessions are a fun way to access my “Consult with Om” service in a small group setting or 3-4 people. This is perfect for you if you’re on a budget, love group learning and want to meet like-minded others, or you’d like to have a group consult with a few friends and family members. Most of these bookings are available by Zoom only. We also have one session time available for Darwin locals onsite at the Bakewell clinic.

To give you some insight into how these sessions unfold, I’ve drawn three cards for you…

All of my Consults with Om start with cards drawn from these three decks, which are also available in the shop. In a group setting, the cards reflect issues, themes, emotions, patterns, problems and/or opportunities being faced by each member in the group. Having taught hundreds of students over the years, I’m always amazed how apt the cards are that come through for us in group sessions. Each one of us will relate to the cards in our own unique way, and the healing journey we go on as a result feels beautifully collaborative. Each member of the circle has wisdom to share, insights they can gift to those present, as a result of their life experiences.

The first card is a Spirit Guide oracle card. This card tells us who our spirit guide will be for the consult. Working with Spirit Guides is a beautifully playful, creative way to access our inner wisdom, with the character functioning as a template through which Spirit (our higher guidance) can guide and connect with us.

The second card is an Aura Card. I recognise over 100 aura colours and each one reflects a specific mindbody state. These states are shaped by our emotions, thinking, beliefs, physical health, experiences, environment and social circle, making the Aura Card a fascinating colour-coded window into the influences at play in our lives.

The third card is a Chakra Meditation card. These cards give us some mindfulness questions to explore, a guided meditation to play with, and they link in with my plant-spirit remedies! Check out the cards below and the information I’ve shared about each one… see if you can come up with a wise and loving message from Spirit for yourself based on the card you felt drawn to, while taking the other two into account.


This tiny centaur is a flower fairy and centaur descendant of Chiron, the wounded healer in Greek mythology. Centaurs help us deepen our love for ourselves so we can open up to receiving more love – especially romantic love – from others. Waratah Fairy helps those who give too much love and healing to others at their own expense. Waratah Fairy will help you be there for others without harming or disrespecting yourself, and she will teach you how to receive love and support from others.

Ask Waratah Fairy to heal any wounds that have been caused by abuse, gossip or bullying. Show others how you wish to be treated by not putting up with anything less than the best. Tap into your leadership skills, take command, and be the authority in your own life rather than giving your power away to others.

Call on Waratah Fairy when:

  • Your capacity for self-love has been damaged by experiences of being abused, bullied, shamed or devalued by others.
  • You want to attract love and romance into your life, or enhance the love and romance in a relationship you already have.
  • Your heart is broken and/or you have trust issues that are making it hard for you to open your heart.
  • You’re a healer or a helper who sometimes gives too much to others at your own expense.
  • You’re very shy or you have trouble believing in yourself and your expertise, and you’d like to start feeling as though you’re an authority in your field and the authority in your own life.


Manifestation Orange blesses us with the wisdom and skills needed to turn dreams and goals into reality. To manifest a goal or dream, we mustfirst imagine it. The abundance of yellow in this orange aura colour helps the wearer to do exactly this, bringing their vision into the clear lightof conscious awareness. Once we have an idea, we must consider whether it has practical merit before taking any steps towards making it real.

Your auric patterns are lenses of emotion and belief through which you perceive the world around you, shaping your view of reality and thus your experience of it. Seasoned reality creators change their auric ‘lenses’ consciously, according to the reality they choose to experience. They know that matching energy frequencies tend to be drawn towards one another so they put out what they want to get back. A genuinely happy person is more likely to attract happy experiences and happy people than a grumpy person is.

Manifestation Orange is a highly positive colour but a lot of people have trouble accessing it. Some people refuse to take personal responsibility for patterns in their lives that are obvious to everyone else except them. Or they embrace the concept of reality creating but expect their goals and dreams to pop out of thin air just because they have visualised, meditated and recited some affirmations. To be successful with reality creating, ideas need to be grounded into physical reality using practical actions…. How can spirit support us in achieving our dreams if we do not first support ourselves?


Are you staying open-minded?

Fixed ideas and beliefs have their merits but they tend to reduce mental flexibility. When the mind becomes stiff and loses its curiosity, it ages and slows down. Develop your mental agility and consider that anything could be possible.

Are you willing to believe in magic?

You can have a lot more fun in life if you are willing to consider that there is more to life than meets the eye. Believing in magic is part of what brings magic into your life!

​Have you considered all possibilities?

Open your mind to new possibilities. It’s possible you haven’t considered all the variables and may need to ‘think outside the square’. Perhaps you don’t yet have all the information needed to draw a conclusion or make an informed decision.


    • This will be fun to explore as a group! I feel as though the cards are inviting us to expand our sense of what might be possible for us, to dream bigger and release old limiting beliefs about our worth.

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