Express Yourself!

I’m an aura colour therapist and I’ve been using aura colours for therapy, counselling and spiritual mentoring for over 24 years. Expression Blue is a stunning blue colour I find in people’s aura’s when they are expressing themselves in creative ways, speaking up, or finding their voice. It’s also a personality colour worn by people who are gifted creatives. Quite often, it’s a gift for the written or spoke word, but really, there are many ways to express ourselves, and this beautiful video of my daughter dancing her impression of Expression Blue is a wonderful example of someone “speaking” without words. Mikiah grew up with the Aura Cards and has a deeply embodied insight into each colour, as does my sister Tashka, who sings the aura colours!

Expression Blue has depth and sparkle, like an azure blue sky reflected on the surface of a lake, with little glints of white sparkles and streaks, where sunlight strikes the water. On a feeling level, it feels energetic and lively, like a passionate flow of conversation, with animated hand and body movements being used to convey meaning. This colour is particularly therapeutic for anyone wearing grey in or around the Throat Chakra.

Often worn by writers, artists, vocalists, journalists, public speakers and people working in the communication industry, Expression Blue gives us a knack for composing with words and communicating with others. Besides representing a personality type, Expression Blue can appear in the aura when we are going through a temporary phase of heightened creative self-expression.This colour liberates us by giving us a voice. Our voice is our personal truth; our way of being in the world, expressing our opinions and contributing to a global discussion.

Our personal truth is a conglomerate of our values, beliefs, ideas, ideals, attitudes and ethics. When we know our personal truth, we know who we are and who we are not; we know what we stand for and what is important to us. The phrase ‘being true to ourselves’ means living according to our personal truth.Before we can express our personal truth, we need to know what it is. Expression Blue helps us slow down and hear our inner voice. Often, we use creativity as a means to access this inner wisdom. If we cut off from our creativity and our inner voice for too long, we loose touch with our true selves. Sometimes we become too busy and forget to be still enough to hear the creative voice that wants to express through us.

This can also happen when we use all our energy being creative for others instead of for ourselves. Creative people need to ensure they are making time for creative reconnection with themselves. They must take care that the pressure to perform on a creative level does not destroy their love for creating. The creative process is highly therapeutic and just as important as the creative end product. Creative expression sets the inner childfree, bringing us a joy that nourishes the soul. Expression Blue can be evidence of creative skills being used well, but it can just as easily be a timely reminder to reconnect with our inner muse.

This colour challenges us to speak our truth without violating the right of others to be do the same. When Expression Blue is well balanced within us, we celebrate differences between people rather than feel threatened by them. Everybody has their own personal truth and each person’s truth is true for them, even if it is not true for someone else. It is important to know ourselves and share our truth via self-expression without hiding away for fear of being judged.

Creative expression is a healthy way to discover, explore and express our personal truth without forcing it on others. Our personal truth may differ from that of family members and friends or the society we live in. When people around us hold vastly different views from our own, it can be difficult to maintain loyalty to our own truth. Other people may judge us or put pressure on us to conform to their views. We can then become lost, confused and uncertain about who we really are, especially if our personal truth was not that strong and clear to begin with, or we tend to have trouble maintaining personal boundaries.

When people feel threatened by differences of opinion and belief, they can be judgemental and argumentative. They say ‘my truth is right, yours is wrong’. Some people go out of their way to avoid contact with people who have a truth different from their own, almost as though they are afraid their own personal truth will be contaminated. Some parents take this approach with their children, carefully shielding them from any unwanted influences. Exposure to different perspectives, however, helps us grow.

In deciding who we choose to be as individuals, we occasionally need to release old opinions and values because they no longer fit us. Perhaps they never really suited us in the first place. Part of developing our personal truth involves consciously deciding whether to keep or discard conditioning from childhood, family and society. As we establish our personal truth, we make decisions about what works for us and what does not. This is an ongoing, ever unfolding journey!

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Love Om