Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, & Deep Aura Cleansing

Let me tell you a little about the different psychic abilities that help me do my job!

The word clairvoyant means “clear seeing”. When I’m using my clairvoyant skill to gather information (it can also be used to communicate with Spirit and our own subconscious), I am “seeing” images in my mind’s eye. Sometimes these images are still frames, like photographs or drawings. More often, they are moving images, like movies. I don’t see with my physical eyes. Physical eyes are for seeing physical reality. Clairvoyance is something that happens with our mind’s eye. Even when a psychic does “see” something like your aura or your dead grandma standing beside you, it’s still happening in their mind’s eye, it’s just that we can “place” the image in time and space, we can sense where and when this image is. And yes, sometimes these visions can be so strong that it’s like seeing with our physical eyes, a bit like an hallucination or a very strong daydream.

Clairvoyance isn’t just about the future. That’s only a very small part of what a good clairvoyant focuses on. There isn’t much use in listening to a clairvoyant tell you about the future if they haven’t accurately tuned into your personality and your present and past. And why the fixation on the future anyway? Yes, it’s important to have goals and to be moving forwards, but so much of good decision-making is about learning from your past and being discerning and mindful about your current choices. A good clairvoyant can help with this. But ideally, they shouldn’t be making your decisions for you. It’s great to have advisors who can help you look at things from different angles and see the bigger picture, but ideally, your choices should be your own. Never put a clairvoyant on a pedestal and take their word for gospel.

And psychic ability isn’t just about “seeing”. Images alone can be a bit bloody useless to be honest, if you don’t have more to go by. When I’m reading the aura or communicating with your loved ones in spirit or one of your spirit guides, visual images are only one part of the equation. I also “hear” and “feel”. Sometimes I even “smell” and “taste”. Sometimes I just “know”. All of these abilities have different names. Feeling, for example, is called clairsentience.

Clairsentience is one of my favourites, and one I’m particularly strong in, which makes me very good at reading personality, understanding emotions, and helping people understand relationship dynamics. In short, it makes me a good counsellor and healer. Clairsentience is “clear feeling”. When I’m reading your aura or communicating with Spirit, I don’t just want images, I want feelings that go with these images to help me put them into context and understand how to interpret them. It also helps if I get words and sounds too. This is clairaudience. I’m strong in all three areas, and it’s the way we link them together that really makes a difference (I’ll tell you more about clairaudience another time!).

As a clairsentient healer, I have a special gift for tracking through your energetic field, your mindbody, and unravelling emotional wounds and the history that helped shape them. I’m good at finding and recognising emotional charge in my client’s body’s, the kind of stuff that makes them reactive, that triggers them and stops them from being wise, making good choices, feeling happy and having healthy relationships. My empathic field as a clairsentient enables me to draw this charge out of my clients and release it. I breathe it in and release it, or lift it out and let it go, I feel it and let it go. In essence, I’m showing them how to do this themselves, I’m role modelling going into their stuff, feeling it, verbalising it, expressing it…. And then discharging it. Afterwards, my clients feel lighter, brighter and more positive. A year after one or more powerful deep cleanses, they and their lives are often transformed in potent and significant ways, but only if they also commit to doing the work of self-change and self-care, rather than relying on me as the healer to do all the work!


My clairvoyance shines through most brightly in my Aura Sketching and Spirit Consults, but you might also enjoy a new service we’re making available, called the Psychic Advisory Service. You can book yourself in for this HERE, this is a 30 minute online booking via Zoom. With the budget version of this service, you just send me an email with one to three questions in it (I can answer one question in more depth, or a quick short answer for all three). I have ten of these available for purchase HERE.



My clairsentience is what I lean on most when I’m doing healings. It features strongly in the Aura Consults (especially Aura Therapy), Gaian Healing modality, and in a new service called the Deep Aura Cleanse.

For Darwin locals who want to come into the clinic for this session, you can book in with me HERE. For an online session, use this link HERE. If you are easily tech-baffled and can’t book yourself in, please reach out via the contact page. 


If you’d like to be in the draw to win a free Deep Aura Cleanse, simply share this post and then send me a message with a link showing me where you shared it!

This service can be provided during an online consult. You don’t need to be in the same room with me, distance is irrelevant when working with Ki (also known as Chi or Prana).