Gaian Healing Attunement

My early childhood was divided between Alice Springs in Central Australia and Lothlorian, a large property in an isolated rainforest in Tasmania, where we lived off-grid in a tent and I bonded deeply with the trees. My mother raised me to believe in Mother Nature rather than a male, Christian God (Bless Him!), so I already had a strong bond with Nature well before I “met” Gaia for the first time in person in my early twenties.

I began working with Spirit when I was 14. When I was 16 I attended a vision quest led by an American Indian shaman who was visiting my home town of Alice Springs. The vision I received, after fasting, sweating, meditating and staying awake during the night, came at dawn. Rainbow light bounced off a spider’s thread into my eyes, and it felt as though it was pouring into my third eye. It was a vision that predicted my current career as an Aura Healer and Reader, although I didn’t know it at the time!

Several years ago now, my husband and I began living off grid, roughing it in Nature in a tiny home for months at a time every year. Lorien Valley became our home-away-from-home, our eco-minimalist writers-retreat! It was here I befriended a native kurrajong tree and began reconnecting with my spirit guide Gaia, the Earth Goddess, spending hours meditating in the bush with Her while she coached my to “listen deeper, listen deeper.”

The land knew we were coming. Knowing also, that I would connect with the Kurrajong tree, the tree was elected as spokesperson, an intermediary between myself and the land, myself and Gaia. There is one precious blog from our first three months spent at Lorien valley, which you can read here. At night, Gaia would come to me in Spirit, in waking dreams, teaching me and attuning me to her energy.

Towards the end of our first stay in 2017, Gaia asked me to begin attuning other people to her energy. Back in Darwin in the new year, we ran a Gaian Healing Attunement with about 20 people attending. I channelled Gaian meditations throughout the day and facilitated conversations that helped people recognise the mutual bonds they shared with different parts of nature. We talked about the plant and animal kingdoms, and the elementals!

Each person received an attunement that toned and realigned their feet chakras with the Earth. Much of the day was spent calling on nature-spirits for help with clearing blockages and I’ve since learned that Gaia refuses to do an attunement unless a person’s channels are clear. When she crosses her arms and gets that look on her face I know she won’t budge until the blocks are gone. She has a special distaste for heart-chakra blockages and parent-child wounds, and is meticulous about clearing the energy lines through the legs.

Once that’s done, she helps me align the energy centres between the feet, in the pelvis/belly, and in the heart chakra. We gradually raise healing energy up from the earth, into the belly, and then up to the heart. From here, once Gaia is satisfied the energy is balanced and full, we run it down through the arms and out through the hands. The hands are fun, because she always puts something in them, like a blessing or a gift, which is unique to the individual.

The first time Gaia did this attunement for me (the attunements can be repeated many times!) I was in my early twenties. She came to me during a guided meditation channelled through from my spiritual teacher at the time, First Nations Larrakia woman. It was as though my teacher could see what I was seeing, describing it a fraction of a second after I saw it! Gaia welcomed me into her arms like a long-lost daughter, and then she pushed shards of crystal light into the palms of my hands. “Healer of and from the Earth, daughter-sister mine, go forth and heal the Earth, heal the people.” Check out this blog if you’d like to hear more.  

After this, I met my light and shadow guides, Thomas and Khryse, who took me under their wings and taught me all about yin and yang, about balance. They helped me integrate my male and female sides. Years passed, and I became an aura reader/healer, a “rainbow shaman”. My next meeting with Gaia came during an aura reading with a client. The young lady was pregnant, but didn’t know it yet, and Gaia just happened to be delivering the spirit of the child into her womb at that very moment! You can read this story here.

In 2019, Gaia asked me to run another workshop based on a new attunement process she was teaching me that raises the energy up to the third eye, much like my visionary experience when I was 16 years old, bringing it into alignment with a power centre in the belly. Whenever she does this attunement on me, I’m amazed by the sudden clarity I have! My chronic self-doubt and procrastination clears up. I can see the bigger picture and I know exactly what to do next. I’ve noticed, when doing this second attunement for others, that they become very clear and focused, a lot more grounded in their vision. Illusions dissolve and the way forwards becomes clear.

So now we are running these workshops again! Back to back, at an incredibly beautiful beachfront retreat at Mandorah, at the end of July…

Would you like to come along?

These workshops are part of a 3-day Visionary Nature Retreat we are hosting.