Omanisa 2019

Well known for her colourful and inspiring readings and healings, Om has been spirit-trained in the art of reading and healing the aura, communicating with spirit and therapeutic story-telling.

Her passion for writing and creativity has resulted in a range of self-published books and oracle card decks, as well as a unique range of flower, gem, and colour therapy essences.

Many people ask about Omanisa’s name. The name ‘Omanisa’ is an American Indian man’s name, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘soul drifter’. When Omanisa was born, it was the only name on the short-list of baby names that really suited her. Omanisa was born in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and aside from a few years spent living in a big tent in a rainforest in Tasmania as a toddler, she lived in Alice until the end of her teenage years. Om now lives in Darwin, Northern Australia, with her husband and two adult children. Om has been working as a healer since 1996, sketching and reading the aura since 1998, and working as a naturopath since 2003.

“Om sensitively and elegantly identifies and resolves problem issues to help you build internal strength and courage. She can help you break patterns that are no longer useful and uncover dynamic new ways to live your life and be you. I would recommend her to everyone. Om allows us to find that wonderful shining light within us all. She has a great gift and imparts it with amazing wisdom and love.”