Your Aura


Your aura is the non-physical part of your being, depicted visually as a pattern of colours around and within your physical body. Aura colours are created by chakras.

Chakras are energy centres in the aura. Each chakra generates a specific colour, as per Om’s watercolour paintings.

centred balanced chakraThe aura is also a fantastic visual metaphor for the mind-body. For example, a blue aura is a useful visual metaphor for a very calm and peaceful mind-body state, whereas a red aura makes a great visual metaphor for a highly energised and passionate state of being.

Aura colours have different meanings depending on where they are found in the Aura:


Above Head

Aura colours found above the head reflect higher guidance from your spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, higher self and so on. Colours in this area can also reflect your deeper, more spiritual values, as well as the personality and history of your soul.

Around Head

Aura colours found around the head area represent your perspectives, attitudes, thinking style and ‘what is on your mind’, especially your current or habitual thoughts. You could also think of this area as representing your eyes and how they see the world around you, almost as though each aura colour is colouring your view of reality.

Around Throat

Aura colours found in your throat area reflect your general communication style, recent or habitual topics of conversation and specific communication challenges you might be facing. To some extent, colours around the throat chakra give you an insight into how you come across to other people or how other people see you.

Around Arms

Aura colours around the arms represent emotions, relationships and how we relate to others, because the arms are an extension of the heart chakra. These colours can reflect specific relationships, recurring themes or patterns in your relationships and habitual emotional states. Aura colours around the arms sometimes belong to people we are close to, especially when we are getting over involved with them.

Around Hands

Aura colours found around the hands represent your work, career, role and self-identity. Finances, study, hobbies and major projects also feature quite strongly in this area. Colours found around the hands can be influenced by what you do with your time and how you feel about your job, place of employment, employer and work mates.

Around Hips

Aura colours found around the hips provide insight into your deeper emotions, wounds and personality traits, as shaped by your childhood and the past. This position reflects your private emotional world, unexpressed emotions and potential talents that lay unrealised within you. Colours in this area draw your attention to what requires healing, releasing, uncovering, resolving and expressing in order to move forward.

Around Legs

Rather than representing personality traits, aura colours in the leg area reflect temporary circumstances and future possibilities. Colours in this area predict the most likely outcomes based on current circumstances, but remember that predictions can sometimes be difficult to interpret correctly and the future is always changing.

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