About Om

Well known for her colourful and inspiring readings, healings, and coaching sessions, Omanisa is an Australian naturopath who blends spirituality with science. Om “walks with a foot in both worlds”, looking for ways to integrate spiritual wisdom from ancient/indigenous cultures worldwide with evidence-based therapy approaches inspired by scientific research into mindbody connections. 

Om takes bookings via Zoom from interstate and international clients, and runs a clinic in Palmerston, Northern Australia. 

Omanisa is a Rainbow Shaman guided by Gaia, the spirit of Nature…

Om's teenage years

 A shaman is a healer with a deep spiritual connection with Nature and an ability to go into trance and take visionary journeys into the realm of spirit of behalf of others for the purposes of healing and spiritual growth. Omanisa was initiated onto this path at a young age. She began training herself to enter visionary trance states at the age of 14 to access the inner resources she needed to survive trauma and the chaos of elders struggling with addiction and mental illness. Two years later, she was taken on a vision quest by an American Indian Shaman. At the end of the quest, Omanisa had a profound visionary experience. This was when she discovered her calling to work with colour as a visionary artist and healer. It was her first “Rainbow Shaman” initiation, an attunement that opened her third eye and helped her see Rainbow Ki, the energy of the human aura.

Like the spider with its web of rainbow colours, Omanisa can feel and sense vibrations in the grand interconnected web of life that connects us and runs through us. Om is blessed with the spirit-medicine of spider, spider who wove the first words, who feels vibrations through her web; spider who sews repairs into the division that divide us.

Omanisa has given me wings! I always come away from a healing feeling amazing – positive and full of hope. Her healing touch is magical – thank you to all who give this to her.  Om helps me put things in perspective and has built my self-esteem. I love the Aura sprays and use them all the time. I refer to Om as my “guru”

Om's adult years

Om began her career as a healer in her early-mid twenties. Two years later she began sketching and reading the aura, drawing the “colours” she could see during healings. In 2003, Omanisa graduated as a naturopath and joined a multidisciplinary clinic in Darwin, Northern Australia. In 2008, Omanisa and her husband Stephen built a purpose-made clinic under their elevated tropical home in Palmerston, Northern Australia, and moved the business home.


Over the past few decades, Om has mentored over 100 healers, run workshops on a broad range of topics such as meditation, sound therapy, aura sketching, psychic and spiritual development, shamanism, intuitive card reading, Reiki healing and mastery, creative writing for grief therapy, healing, the inner child, the art of manifestation, and more. 

Now Om runs a coaching and mentoring program for healing apprentices and those who wish to master the art of reading the aura, working with Ki energy and healing themselves and/or others with Spirit Medicine. She also has a range of oracle card and book sets she has created featuring her own writing, nature photography, and art.


Every year, Omanisa and Stephen go on a Wildflower Spirit Journey through outback Australia, in search of wildflowers from which to craft new flower essences. These essences form the heart and soul of Omanisa’s naturopathic kits, which combine naturopathic-quality liquid herbal tinctures and homeopathics with Omanisa’s own hand-crafted range of gem elixirs, flower essences and aura colour essences.


Om's childhood

Many people ask about Omanisa’s name. The name ‘Omanisa’ is an American Indian man’s name, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘soul drifter’, found by Om’s aunt Maggie in a book. When Omanisa was born, it was the only name on the short-list of baby names that really suited her. Omanisa was born in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and aside from a few years spent living in a big tent in a rainforest in Tasmania as a toddler, she lived in Alice until the end of her teenage years. Here’s Om’s Aunt Maggie, one of her most important spiritual mentors, telling the story:

Dear little Omi, the first grandchild on the family block! You came along quite unexpectedly & delighted us all with your beauty and love. I watched you grow  up into the angel you are and have lil angels of your own. You are the flower child of the flower children, wild and free! You loved hanging out with the dogs and would bark at the postman with them. We took you everywhere, even to Tasmania when you were a toddler, to live up in the mountain tops in the wild forests where tigers, devils and possums lived. Together we went on a shamanic vision quest in the desert, where rainbows and spiders inspired your vision for the future. You are on a remarkable journey into the light, a wandering road through the cosmos, inspiring & helping the people you meet along the way. I am so proud of you!


Omanisa’s love for nature, wildflowers, photography, and naturopathy was inspired by her mother, maternal grandparents, and her great uncle Peter. Her family have a strong love and respect for Nature, creativity, science, spirituality and First Nations wisdom. Om’s mother Shell is a psychic colour healer who raised Om with creative visualisation skills, naturopathic “food is medicine” wisdom and empathic values.

Om’s maternal grandmother, Anne, was a doctor who fought for the medical rights of Centralian First Nations people. Anne was the first female residential doctor in central Australia and was awarded an OAM for her services to handicapped children. Inspired by her botanist brother Peter, Anne studied botany after she retired from medicine and wrote a book called “Flowers and Plants of Inland Australia”. After Anne died, Om took over as publisher and is currently working on a revised edition.

Peter was an arid zone botanist and ranger who established the plant walks and the herbarium at Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Peter was also instrumental in facilitating the Western Desert art movement in the 1970’s. Om is currently writing a biography about her elders, to share their story!