Aura Book and Cards


What mind-body state are you in right now? Are you in a Warmth Yellow state, a Detachment Blue state or a Firedancer Red state? Are you feeling warm and friendly, cold and distant or fiery and passionate? 

We need to embrace all the colours of the rainbow within us to be a whole being. With practice, the creative tools provided in Aura Colour Therapy will help you develop the self-awareness needed to keep your inner rainbow balanced.

Your aura is YOU, in energy form; a field of interwoven frequencies of light. Like a dancing rainbow, aura colours shift and move with you and you change and grow, reflecting the interplay of your personal relationships, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical health. This dynamic also works in reverse: you can change yourself (and your life) by changing your aura colours. 

Omanisa has been sketching and reading the aura for over 20 years, and recognises more than 100 different aura colour frequencies, and thousands of unique colour combination meanings.

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The resources in this Aura Card reading kit pictured above are loved by readers throughout Australia and beyond, with decks having made their way to New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, England, America and Hong Kong. The prices below don’t include postage. A full kit costs $15 to post within Australia. The cards alone are $10. If you are outside of Australia, or want to order multiple items, contact us to discuss postage options (scroll down to find contact form).

THE FULL KIT : $88.00

The full kit includes the 88-card Aura Deck, the larger Aura Colour Therapy book and the smaller Aura Card Guidebook. The information in these books is different. The handbook is a quick reference guide. The larger book is packed full of comprehensive information about each aura colour, along with extra chapters about the chakras, psychic perception, colour combination meanings etc.

You can order any combination of the individual items in the kit:




(PDF version of the guidebook: $8)


“The big book is going into early retirement, so the stock I’ve currently got will be the last, I won’t be doing another print run with this book.

I’m working on the next edition of the card and book set as a boxed set (I need help with this if you are a designer/printer!) The book in this set will be compact, a variation on the existing handbook. The big book with be re-invented, broken up and turned into a series of online courses and/or e-books.”

If you would like to place an order or ask about postage costs, please contact us!


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