Aura Card Reading

“Thank you so much Om for the years of spiritual guidance, insight and interpretation of some of my deepest thoughts. Your link with spirit and the divine has truly been a blessing in my life. It is always such an uplifting experience and I am so grateful for the positivity you bring to this world.”

Omanisa uses her Aura Cards as a spiritual counselling device to help clients understand themselves better and gain unique perspectives into life events and relationships.

Your aura is the non-physical part of your being, depicted visually as a pattern of colours around and within your physical body.

Omanisa’s understanding of aura colours is derived from years of training from spirit and extensive research in the field. She has read thousands of aura’s over the past 23 years and every aura teaches her something new about colour frequencies and the aura.

“Hi Omanisa
I really wanted to say thank you for the aura reading you delivered for me last week. I was truly so surprised about what it entailed because that’s absolutely how I’ve felt. Since it I feel lighter, better, and it feels like things are starting to fall into place for the better. So a really large thank you to you.”

The content of the reading varies with each session, but tends to include information about:

*Your spirit guides

*The state of your aura and chakras

*Your personality, emotions and relationships

*Your higher purpose, special skills and life lessons

*Current, past and future events in your life


The following prices are for online consultations only. Add an extra $20 to upgrade to an onsite consult at Om’s Bakewell NT clinic in Northern Australia.

STANDARD 60 min Consult: $125

SHORT 30 min Consult: $60


You can check Om’s availability and schedule your own booking time for any of these options above using my online booking calendar, and of course, you’re also welcome to contact Om. 


“Hi Om. Thanks so much for this. I had a listen last night. You are so amazing, thank you for giving words to the things that are driving me crazy in the background and for your support once again. Your health comments are right on the money too. xx”

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