Aura Cards

freedom and loyaltyAbout 10 years ago, Omanisa went shopping for a set of tarot cards and could not find anything that suited her. When someone suggested she make her own deck, Omanisa made a set of Aura Cards, featuring each of the colours from the chalk box she uses for aura sketching.

impatience and surrender

For many years, this was Om’s private deck of cards that she used for her own personal growth. Then in 2009, Omanisa started incorporating the Aura Cards into her professional healing practise with excellent results. You can find out more about Om’s Aura Reading services here.



*88 lovingly hand-made Aura Cards

*Comprehensive Aura Colour Therapy Book

The kit

There are 88 cards in this hand made, laminated card deck. Each card features a colour from the chalk box Om uses when sketching the aura for client. Omanisa will be producing a commercial deck at some later stage, so this is a limited edition. This deck has become Omanisa’s favourite card deck to use when seeking guidance for both herself and clients. She also uses it to teach healing students about chakras and the aura.

The Aura Colour Therapy book was written for creative people who have a love for healing, colour and spirituality. Featuring profiles on 88 specific aura colours, this book describes personality traits, behaviours and experiences associated with each colour. Additional chapters guide the reader through the development of psychic skills and enhanced self-awareness. Delightful case histories and a story about Omanisa’s colour-filled childhood round off a thoroughly engaging and comprehensive book on aura colours and healing.

“I wanted to tell you again how great your book and cards have been for me. I love your book. Its written so concisely and intelligently and I every time I pick it up, it’s always easy to find new little insights and inspiration to do some of the exercises/meditations. They have been making a profound difference in my life already.

Thank you so much!!

Lots of love, Paige”