Aura Colour Essences

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These 50ml aura sprays are for spraying throughout the aura. They contain Aura Colour Essences in spring water with vanilla vodka as the preservative.

Choose up to 7 remedies from this catalogue and/or the gem and wildflower catalogues. Order your bottle using the making payments page or the paypal buttons found on one of the single remedy catalogue pages, then contact us to let us know which remedy/s you have chosen.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Grounds, anchors and stabilises your aura

*Helps you connect with the land, and find your place and people

*Helps you feel at home in your own skin

*Enhances relaxation skills; very soothing for anxiety


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Improves your relationships with men, brothers, male friends/colleagues

*Improves teamwork, business and investment skills

*Encourages a more direct, straight-forward communication style

*Attracts good business partnerships


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Teaches you to pace yourself and conserve energy

*Calms, centres and composes you

*Helps you to be patient

*Stops you from being reactive and scattered


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Improves your assertiveness skills

*Strengthens you and makes you more resilient

*Helps you focus clearly on your goals

*Enhances determination, vitality and daring


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Revitalises your aura after burnout or creative block

*Restores hope

*Improves energy levels

*Gives you the strength to overcome your fears


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Helps you lighten up and be more playful

*Enhances your sense of humour

*Improves social skills and connection with others

*Makes you more adaptable, flexible and creative


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Improves your efficiency and attention to detail

*Helps you ‘see clearly’ and be honest with yourself

*Reduces procrastination, confusion and overwhelm

*Helps you clear and cleanse your space


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Makes you more approachable, friendly and warm towards others

*Heightens your capacity to give encouragement and praise

*Improves self-worth and mood, while balancing your ego

*Helps you choose friends who uplift you!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Motivates you to look after and improve your health

*Invites in the presence of Archangel Raphael

*Enhances the healing energy in your mind-body

*Repairs damage in the mind-body


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Opens your aura to receiving blessings

*Improves your sense of deserving

*Attracts good luck and kelps you see opportunities

*Improves friendships and finances


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Improves the health of your relationships

*Balances and matures your capacity to give and receive love

*Helps you release expectations and accept people for who they are

*Attracts and/or enhances romantic love relationships



*Helps you find your heart’s passion

*Heals wounds in the heart from feeling unloved

*Helps you love yourself


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Helps you have faith in the Universe

*Brings the magic back into your life

*Helps you see the deeper patterns in your life

*Enhances your connection with your higher self


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Helps you find emotional equilibrium and a sense of freedom

*Helps you keep your personal space open and clear

*Enhances boundaries without reducing connection

*Improves your communication and artistic skills


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Enhances your relationships with women, sisters, female friends/colleagues

*Helps you find your voice and communicate your values

*Improves your integrity, honesty and honour

*Helps you walk your talk


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Enhances your intuition

*Helps you trust yourself more

*Stops you from other-thinking things

*Improves your connection with Spirit


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Invites in the presence of angels and raises your frequency

*Connects the heart chakra with the crown chakra

*Promotes forgiveness, peace and acceptance

*Enhances meditation and spiritual practise


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Helps you find your direction

*Treats a feeling of being lost

*Helps you find deeper meaning and purpose in life

*Helps you overcome a victim mentality


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Improves self-worth and confidence

*Helps you feel comfortable with wealth, luxury and spending

*Can heighten meditative contemplation practises

*Heightens charisma, charm and magnetism


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Cuts unhealthy ties that bind you to the past and others

*Clears and protects your personal space

*Enhances discipline, focus and psychic ability

*Busts you free from apathy and stagnancy

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