Consult with Om

I’m a spiritual naturopath with a finely honed ability to perceive the aura and chakras in fine detail, and this is my most popular consult, with over 80% of my clients booking in for this consult Choose this consult type if you would like help with:

  • Emotional self-regulation
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Resolving wounds from past trauma
  • Having healthier, happier relationships
  • Overcoming a tendency to self-sabotage 
  • Improving your stress-management skills
  • Building your self-awareness and self-worth
  • Using mindfulness and meditation for self-healing
  • Understanding how mind, body, emotion & spirit interlink
  • Accessing the imaginal realm (imagination & intent) for self-healing

This consult generally begins with an Aura Card Reading and an accompanying conversation about what it is you wish to address, heal, or change in your life, or within yourself and your relationships with others. This process helps Om tune in to your aura (mindbody), and functions as a preliminary diagnostic. It also allows some space for the healing that can come from feeling felt, heard, and recognised, and having our story re-told in a more inspiring, empowering way.

During the healing portion of this consult, Om draws on over 20 years experience as a naturopath and “rainbow shaman” to facilitate a healing shift. Om’s healing tool kit includes herbal medicine, naturopathic counselling, lifestyle and self-care coaching, creative visualisation, song/sound healing, colour/art therapy, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness training, the OMANTRA method, narrative therapy, auric cleansing, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, mediumship, ancestral healing and so on. 

This service is offered on site at Omanisa’s Bakewell clinic in Darwin, Northern Australia, and worldwide via Zoom.

Deluxe Package


This is an extra special option that consists of two sketches. The first is a diagnostic Aura Portrait & Reading. The second is a therapeutic Aura Healing Portrait with healing exercises tailored to your needs. We’ll record the guided healing meditations so you can practise at home with my voice to guide you, using the portraits as a visual focus.

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"To my dearest Om. You have been such a positive force in my life. Over the years you have gently guided me through the darkness and light. You have such a beautiful soul and you have touched so many lives. I may sometimes deal with uncomfortable issues in your healing room but I always leave feeling empowered and refreshed. 

You are amazing in your support of my internal growth and interests by creating a space for me to pursue that. You role model what you teach but also let us know that it is OK to make mistakes and we don’t have to be perfect to move closer to our goals or purpose. 

Thank you for being in my life, it has been much better for it." 

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