Aura Healing

As a highly skilled psychic healer with the ability to perceive the aura and chakras in fine detail, Om helps her clients understand the connection between mind, body and emotion and resolve past trauma.


The Aura Healing service generally begins with an Aura Card Reading and/or a conversation about what it is you wish to address, heal, or change in your life, or within yourself and your relationships with others. This process helps Om tune in to your aura, and functions as a preliminary diagnostic. It also allows some space for the kind of healing that can come with words and listening; with feeling felt, heard, and recognised- the healing that can come when someone reframes our story and tells it in a new and more inspiring way.

The healing itself is whatever it needs to be for your healing. Om draws on over 22 years experience as a healer to provide your energy field, your mind-body, with what it needs to bring about a healing shift. Some parts of the healing may be involve structural repair and realignment of the energy field (energy lines, chakras and power centres). At other times, Om might be delving into old wounds and memories stored in the aura, to help resolve and release them. Some of the counselling takes place during the healing itself.

Om’s aura healing’s occasionally include some mediumship, and nearly always include guidance, healing and messages channeled through from Spirit, from your guides, from archetypal higher guidance characters such as Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters and Angels… but most of all, Om loves working with the Spirit of Nature, with elementals, nature spirits, flower fairies and so on.

A healing might include cleansing, song-healing, colour therapy, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness training, mantras, life coaching, soul retrieval, past life therapy, ancestral healing and so on. Om simply brings through what is needed, based on guidance from Spirit and what your energy directly requests of her. Naturopathic guidance and herbal medicine are also included when needed if time allows.

This service is offered on site at Omanisa’s Bakewell clinic in Darwin, Northern Australia, and worldwide via Zoom, FaceTime or phone. We run a teaching clinic, which means you can opt to have an apprentice present in exchange for extra time for free, if a student is available.

To my dearest Om. You have been such a positive force in my life. Over the years you have gently guided me through the darkness and light. You have such a beautiful soul and you have touched so many lives. I may sometimes deal with uncomfortable issues in your healing room but I always leave feeling empowered and refreshed. 

You were amazing in your support of my internal growth and interests by creating a space for me to pursue that. You role model what you teach but also let us know that it is OK to make mistakes and we don’t have to be perfect to move closer to our goals or purpose. 

Thank you for being in my life, it has been much better for it. 

Debby M.


See Omanisa’s Healing blog for more insight into her work.

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