Aura consults

Your aura is YOU. You are more than just a physical body, you are a radiant being of light. Omanisa is a psychic counselor, healer and visionary artist, who can see, draw, read and heal your body of light.

This is Om’s primary service. Omanisa has been working as an Aura Therapist since 1996. In her final year of naturopathic study, a local psychologist mentored Omanisa and helped her integrate her Aura Therapy modality into her naturopathic practice. This consultation is ideal for you if you want a blend of counselling, therapy, coaching and naturopathy to help you understand yourself better, overcome wounds from past trauma and improve your health, wellbeing and happiness.

With this service, Omanisa uses her Aura Cards as a spiritual counselling device to help you develop self-awareness, insight and unique perspectives into life events and relationship dynamics.

Select this service if you need clarity and guidance and you’re committed to your personal development. The emphasis here is on growth, healing and awareness, not fortune telling and prediction. Omanisa won’t make your decisions for you!

Omanisa began drawing aura portraits for clients in 1998 and has read thousands of auras in the decades since. She recognises over 100 distinct colours and many more colour-combination meanings. This service is for spiritual clients and reflective creative thinkers who enjoy metaphor, visual analogies, and philosophy. This service helps you see yourself and your life from a broader perspective so you can recognise personal growth, life-lessons, and strengths. It provides deep insight into personality traits, behavioural patterns and emotional wounds and gives advice on how to best move forwards from here.