Aura consults

Your aura is YOU. You are more than just a physical body, you are a radiant being of light.

“Your spirit essence is light. Every thought, feeling and experience you have is a frequency of light. And on the deepest, most subtle levels of being, your body is light. YOU are light.”


Omanisa is a psychic counselor, healer and visionary artist, who can read, heal and draw your aura for you.

Card Readings

With this service, Omanisa uses her Aura Cards as a spiritual counselling device to help clients understand themselves better and gain unique perspectives into life events and relationships. Learn more….



Omanisa has been working as an Aura Healer since 1996. She has a highly refined psychic ability to perceive and work with the rainbow light body, being able to see, hear, feel, touch, transform and move the colour frequencies of the aura. She can track patterns back into your past, your childhood, and past lives to facilitate healing shifts, as well as being able to repair damage to the chakras, meridians and energy lines of the light body.


Most clients book in for the standard consult, where Om begins with an Aura Card Readings before doing the healing. Learn more…


If you would like a healing on it’s own without a preliminary diagnostic reading, you can opt for the half hour Healing Only.


Om began sketching and reading the aura in 1998 and has since sketched for hundreds of clients all over the world, and worked for the Australian Psychic Expo when they came to visit Darwin.


Most portrait clients have one done a year, because it’s such a beautiful way to chart your spiritual journey through life!


This is a new service established this year, based on your sun, moon and solar/lunar eclipse signs. Om tunes in and passes messages through from the stars, while sketching the colours these astrological forces are drawing up from your depths.

This reading gives you insight into past lives, future potentials (destiny & higher purpose), strengths, gifts, wounds and paths to fulfillment. Take advantage of these low prices while they last!


Omanisa channels through a therapeutic Aura Portrait and a guided meditation to accompany it. Clients can request that the sketch be done to assist with the healing of a specific problem or ailment, but this package can also be used to affirm, practice and create a chosen future state of being.


In these consultations, healing, creative visualisation, colour therapy and mindful self-awareness counselling are blended with art therapy. Draw your own aura, express yourself with colour, map a new mood, set a new intention!

Let’s create some magic together!