Aura Healing

2015-03-25 14.11.18This service is a modified, condensed version of the old ‘Aura sketch and reading’ format previously used. It can be combined with the Aura Reading for a more comprehensive package.

“Thanks so much Om! That was so beautiful I cried! I loved it! I like the long distance thing too… Don’t have to go anywhere. Makes it easier. I loved the way the aura sketch was really interactive. In the past I just viewed the aura colours…. I like the way you are getting one more involved with the process!”

2015-03-19 17.12.08With this service I draw the healing as a healing sketch and record a guided 10-20 minute colour therapy meditation which describes the aura healing in detail. The healing sketch and accompanying audio meditation are delivered via email or text. The meditation includes therapeutic exercises and messages from Spirit.

The healing is activated when the client views the sketch and listens to the audio recording. The beneficial results from a healing can be instantaneous, with many clients saying they feel lighter. This feeling tends to last longer when the healing audio and sketch are used repeatedly over a period of time. 

When addressing deeply buried issues that are chronic, the beneficial changes unfold slowly over the months to come. Repeated sessions allow us to peel back the layers and build on the work of previous healing consultations.

“Your healing has been very powerful. The whole package with the aura picture, aura healing audio and the aura spray is so strong on a physical, emotional and esoteric level. Its difficult to be specific about shifts we sense within ourselves because you can’t quite put your finger on what’s changed. What I know is that the healing has been on a deep soul level. Even my lower back feels stronger. A big thank you from me. You help people to change their lives in a wonderfully gentle and inspiring way.”

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To place an order for an Aura Healing, contact Omanisa.

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