Aura Portrait & Reading

Your aura colours are you, in non-physical form. The unique combination of colours and patterns in your aura tell a story about who you are, why you are here, and what you are learning from life. Your aura colours reflect your personality, thoughts, emotions, experiences and the company you keep.

During an Aura Portrait and Reading, Omanisa tunes into your aura and your spirit guides, drawing and explaining the colours of your aura and what your guides are helping you with.

At the end of these consults, clients say, “All of my questions have been answered, even though I didn’t tell you what they were!” and “It’s like you were reading my mind!”

“My Aura Sketch and reading with Omanisa was so refreshing and interesting I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a bit of clarity and light. I was not sure what to expect as it was my first time doing anything like this and also through zoom, but Omanisa is such a lovely person and really takes the time to guide you through what she sees and feels.”

“My Aura Portrait was beautiful and I felt connected with the drawing. When I heard that my undine was shitty at me, it makes sense now why I’ve been craving to go swimming or be in water and nature and I keep letting life and house renovations etc come first and I’ve been ignoring that feeling! It all fits in and each time I listen to it, life seems a little clearer. I still have a long way to find my way but I needed the reminder to make time for me to connect with who I am, balance and to let myself grow. Thank you and much love.”

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Do you know someone who would love to have their Aura Sketched?

Deluxe Package


This is an extra special option that consists of two sketches. The first is a diagnostic Aura Portrait & Reading.

The second is a therapeutic Aura Healing Portrait with healing exercises tailored to your needs.

We’ll record the guided healing meditations so you can practise at home with my voice to guide you, using the portraits as a visual focus.

“Thank you for my beautiful dancing mermaid Aura healing. I listened to it tonight and am still tingling. It is very appropriate for the themes I am journeying with this year. I can’t wait to dance in the setting sun, and imagine the fairy’s blue dress flowing with me. I have been dancing a lot already. When you send my blend will you also send the sketch so I can have it on my wall and look at it without my computer? Thanks again, it was such a lovely healing.”

“I get more out of the audio recording each time I listen to it and I work with different aspects of it each day. I love the green and gold cloak and can just picture myself wearing it. The kingfisher has come to visit me, little bits of money have been coming to me in lots of different ways and I have decided to start teaching again. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Your work is amazing, and you yourself are an inspiration and a very beautiful person.”

“I loved being able to look at the sketch and listen to the recording many times over and really being able to soak it in… I woke up during the night last night and couldn’t sleep so got up and listened to the recording again. As you were talking about the different areas I could feel shivers almost like they were starting at the crown and working their way down to the shoulders. Thank you so much, as always it has been a real joy having healings with you.”

“Wow! When I was first listening to this I felt amazing shits in my belly. I’ve been working with it twice a day, but have to be careful not to use it too close to bedtime because it’s so stimulating. It never occurred to me to think of there being a sun at the centre of the earth: what beautiful imagery! The yellow section… I could just gaze at that for hours. The yellow sphere makes me think of honeydew melon. And the challenges I was facing before this sketch : everything has magically resolved itself and the things that were bothering me no longer bother me. I’m so much more at peace.”

“Very powerful and very amazing. I kept on going goosie all over because it resonated so strongly within me. Thank you so much.” 

“I am so pleased to have you in my life Om. I have listened to my aura healing many times and really looked deep into my sketch, which is so uplifting. Your gift is amazing. I feel a great connection in what my guides have shared with you. Hope you don’t mind me sharing that my ancestors hale from the north island of New Zealand which you wouldn’t have known, so that might have been what you were getting when my spirit guide was climbing a carved totem and you were getting ‘north of’. Im amazed by my journey so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel blessed!”

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