Aura Portrait & Reading

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Your aura colours are you, in non-physical form. The unique combination of colours and patterns in your aura tell a story about who you are, why you are here, and what you are learning from life. Your aura colours reflect your personality, thoughts, emotions, experiences and the company you keep. During an Aura Sketch and Reading, I tunes into your aura and your spirit guides, drawing and explaining the colours of your aura and what it is your guides are helping you with.

This is the most comprehensive and energy-intensive Aura Reading service I have on offer. I’ve has been drawing and reading the aura for over twenty years, for an international clientele, and at the end of each consult, clients say, “All of my questions have been answered, even though I didn’t tell you what they were!” and “It’s like you were reading my mind!”

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This is an extra special option that consists of two sketches. The first is a diagnostic Aura Portrait & Reading. The second is a therapeutic Aura Healing Portrait with healing exercises tailored to your needs. We’ll record the guided healing meditations so you can practise at home with my voice to guide you, using the portraits as a visual focus.

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