Chakra Blends


These Aura Sprays are designed to balance the chakras. They can be sprayed under the tongue, throughout the aura, or directly into or around the chakras.

Priced at $20 each or $100 for a full kit, these bottles can be posted throughout Australia for $10-15, depending on the quantity ordered. Please contact Om if you would like to learn more about them or place an order.

CROWN CHAKRA BLEND (purple label)

*Assists meditation

*Enhances connection with higher self/angels/spirit guides

*Strengthens/restores faith

*Helps us surrender, let go and let God

BROW CHAKRA BLEND (dark blue label)

*Improves psychic ability

*Heightens dream activity

*Helps with abstract thinking

*Enhances creative imagination

THROAT CHAKRA BLEND (light blue label)

*Improves communication skills

*Enhances ability to listen

*Contains space-clearing properties

*Helps you find your voice

HEART CHAKRA BLEND (white label)

*Healing for relationships

*Cuts unhealthy binds/ties with others

*Improves self-love

*Recovery from broken heart, betrayal etc

SOLAR PLEXUS BLEND (yellow label)

*Improves confidence and self worth

*Heightens mental clarity

*Resolves procrastination and self-doubt

*Reduces overwhelm

SACRAL CHAKRA BLEND (orange label)

*Enhances connection with inner child

*Encourages laughter, fun, play, joy

*Healing of childhood wounds

*Reduces over-seriousness and ego



*Improves assertiveness, determination and daring

*Enhances personal boundaries

*Use for protection