AuraLight is Omanisa’s one year practitioner-training apprenticeship program. Apprentices have access to all the weekly training and coaching sessions in the SpiritLight package (which includes MindLight & HeartLight) because these programs teach the core skills needed to become a practitioner. They also have weekly (full time apprenticeship) or fortnightly (part time apprenticeship) practitioner training.

The first rule Om always sets for her healing students is “self-care comes first”. The weekly Zoom sessions in the accompanying SpiritLight package will help you stay anchored in your self-care. Every single skill we learn as healers and guides for others begins with learning how to apply these skills in our own personal lives. You will learn specific self-healing and self-guidance skills in SpiritLight, and then in our practitioner sessions, I’ll show you how to apply these same skills when healing and guiding others. The practitioner sessions will generally involve you taking turns with other apprentices to receive and provide healing and guidance. It’s vital you know how it feels to be on the receiving end, because this hones your expertise as a healer and guide.

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL “I’ve grown and developed so much from this apprenticeship. The weekly classes are a joy to participate in and a highlight of my week. Omanisa’s grounded and friendly nature radiates through the delivery of well researched content that draws from her exceptional history in the field. The online live format works really really well and I’ve connected with some really lovely people. I’ve been taught some really powerful tools and ideas, but Omanisa also gives me a holistic framework that makes my mindset and practise sustainable and balanced. So I feel confident working with multiple clients a day without feeling depleted or unbalanced. The best part of it is that it is very ‘hands on’ so I am getting all the wonderful benefits of the healing work; and I’m integrating it effortlessly into my daily lifestyle. Omanisa really goes above and beyond to ensure I am encouraged and given opportunities to get real world experience under her guidance. I have gained so many new abilities, new senses and a really strong toolkit for working with myself and others. It has changed my life and my approach to healing in a very profound way. If you’re a practitioner or feel that calling, or just looking to leap forward on your own journey, I would wholeheartedly recommend joining!”

If you’re interested in this package, please have a look at my range of consults and choose which one of them you would like to learn how to deliver:

Aura TherapyAura Card Reading with Healing (the healing portion includes shamanic methods such as soul retrieval, as well as exercises based on neuroscience and psychology.)

Aura Card Reading – Colour/chakra-based holistic counselling

Aura Portrait & Reading – Learn how to guide others through a therapeutic Aura Sketching process, or do an Aura Portrait and Reading for them.

Gaian Healing – This is my primary shamanic healing/journeying modality, blended with Aura Healing and Nature Therapy.

Oracle Card Reading – Learn how to read any deck of oracle cards for others in a psychic manner, without needing to refer to the book (includes an element of shamanic journeying)

Spirit Guide Reading – Learn how to tune into someone else’s spirit guides and pass messages through from them.

Herbal Medicine – Learn how to prescribe Omanisa’s unique range of Chakra Kits/Tonics, Aura Sprays and Australian Flower Essences. Includes wholesale access to remedies.

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL “The apprenticeship this year was amazing, fun and so valuable. Omanisa’s name, I had heard, as a household name, in Darwin. For over 10 years. However, the opportunity to meet, had not shown itself. Having not met Om, we agreed to a healing session, 1st, to see if our energy for working together was going to be “the right fit”. On our 1st meeting, we were in stitches laughing & the journey began. Her apprenticeship model is delivered so beautifully... The concepts & lessons engaged students eagerly & the fluidity of material, mixed with her gentle nature, made it easy to follow, comprehend then practice. All of the practices have been truly valued. The tools and content priceless. Om has also, guided me to use skills I already had- weaving my existing skill set, into her model. I now have great confidence- moving forward- into a new realm of healing, setting up a practice and earning an income. I cannot express, fully in words, how much you will get, out of committing to this apprenticeship. Thanks so much Om!

AuraLight Application

Please fill in the form below and Omanisa will reach out soon to let you know if your application was successful. If all goes well, we’ll arrange a time to chat so Omanisa can answer your questions and tell you more about this coaching package. You can choose between full time (weekly training sessions) or part time (fortnightly training sessions) and we also have a subscription (pay-as-you-go) version available.

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL  “I am an Earth Healer and during the program the modality that I specialised in was the Gaian Attunement. I loved the Spirit Medicine and Mastery where we worked in small groups and were able heal ourselves and others with the beautiful guidance from Omanisa and our spirit guides, when we learnt the skills we were then able to explore our specific gifts and integrate with the Medicine and Mastery of who we are – this for me was so important. I love the experience and knowledge that Omanisa brings through many years of teaching, healing and lived experience. Om’s teaching and healing is very gentle kind and supportive to everyone, Om links the right people to assist and work together in the journey. What I love most about Omanisa is her openness to learn explore and help us all grow with so much energy and love, I feel blessed to be part of this program.”


Q : Does it matter if I don’t live in Darwin NT Australia? Can I still become an apprentice?

A : No that doesn’t matter. Last year, we had students join us from New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

While local Darwin students are welcome to attend the clinic for their personal consults, the style of healing I teach lends itself perfectly to distant work. As a healer, I work with clients all over the world and as my local clients can attest, a session via Zoom is no less potent than a session in the clinic.

This apprenticeship is suited to the following groups of people:

  • Established healers who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills, especially in regards to psychic awareness and self-care, light-body anatomy and physiology, shamanism, dream-work, creative therapies, guided meditation, herbal medicine, and working with spirit guides.
  • Hobby healers who want to take their skills to the next level and become professional healers.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to read and understand the aura and use this for spiritual counselling.
  • Professional healers, oracle/tarot readers and psychics who are burned out and need help finding more sustainable ways to keep doing what they love.
  • Sensitives, empaths and natural channels who would like to understand and develop their gift in ways that are safe, practical and grounded.
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who would like to develop their intuition and spiritual counselling skills in ways that will compliment their practice.
  • Anyone who works with or on behalf of First Nations people and/or the environment, who would like to develop skills and awareness that will deepen their connection and capacity to be of service without burning out.
  • Artists, story-tellers and creative people who would like to develop their intuitive awareness and their ability to channel inspired visions and ideas.
  • Naturopaths and other natural therapists who would like to learn how to blend spirituality with naturopathy in a therapeutic way, with a special focus on herbal medicine, flower and gem elixirs, colour therapy, chakras and mind-body healing.