Booking an Aura-Spray Consultation

Photo 326Would you like help designing your Aura-Spray blend, or would you like Omanisa to tailor a blend specifically for your needs? An Aura Spray Consultation is a 15 min consult, done via Skype with the Aura-Spray posted out to you, or in Om’s clinic if you are local (Darwin, Australia).

Please contact Omanisa to make your booking.


$60.00 AU


$70.00 AU for postage within Australia

$80.00 AU for postage out of Australia

“When I make Aura Sprays for my clients, I tend to blend the Aura Colour Essences with my own home-made range of Gem Elixirs and Wildflower Essences. On the odd occasion, I feel guided to add a drop dose herbal remedy as well, from my naturopathic herbal tincture range.”

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